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Converting a string to a boolean value

I am writing a program that monitors data coming in via serial ports. The reason for doing it this way is to avoid having to change the data format on the output ports, just adjust the data being output.
Since I use a class to do this, I want to use the default property of this class to store what I’ve set it to.
I have a string that I’ve read from a port, and I need to convert this string to a boolean so that it can be used in the property.
Here is the string I read:

Is there an easy way to convert this string to a bool?

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Exclude a column from specific tables at database level

I want to exclude a column(cell) from a table “tbl_TableA” to leave the other tables (tbl_TableB, tbl_TableC etc.)
I’m trying to do this at database level not application level, like using a trigger or a stored procedure.
I want to keep my code and database as clean and uncomplicated as possible. I’ve searched for this without much luck.
Is this possible? If so, how?


As mentioned, you can not. I am assuming that what you meant is you wanted a schema level object that would take precedence over the column type.
If that is the case, you could create a table type that has the same column names, and has a column or named PK that is of the datatype you wanted. Essentially, you create a table type that is the same as the tables, and assigns the type.
If you want this to be in the code, that would be rather difficult. If you simply want this to be at the DB level, you can, but then you would have to go with some kind of a scope/select in your query.
If you want to create these in code, go with the table type, and assign the values in your insert/update statements.
This is a fairly popular approach for legacy data. You could run into issues if you don’t have permissions to create table type objects, which you will if you do not have db_owner permissions on the schema that the objects are in.

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