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Weak and thin eyelashes are one of the problems that fall under the category. To cure the same, Careprost is one of the solutions.

What Is Careprost?

When it comes to careprost it helps to cure women and people dealing with thin lashes, in turn, to make them strong.

It is useful and helps people to deal with

Glaucoma helps to reduce the pressure developed in the eyes suffering from various glaucoma types.

The condition is known as optic nerve damage which in turn may lead to loss of vision.

Intraocular hypertension is yet another cure through careprost eye drop, it helps to reduce the fluid developed in the eyes.

The weakening of the lashes is yet the most important use where women had to think about careprost, and is known as hypotrichosis.

When you will apply careprost eye drop you will be able to get dark, thick, and strong lashes like never before.

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution

Careprost eye drop contains the active component known as Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution.

It is present in around 0.03 percent and performs the necessary action to get hold on thinning of lashes.

The main use of the product is that it allows the proper growth of the hairs thereby making them darker in shade.

How To Use Careprost

When it comes to applying procedures you need to take certain steps in mind and also make use of it properly.

You need to wash your hand properly so that there is no presence of germs on your skin.

Try to remove contact lenses and then apply the dose.

Do not wear make-up, as excessive make-up can harm your skin and also make your lashes weak.

Use of false make-up, mascara can damage your lashes so you should take care of it and minimize the products to get into your life.

When you want to look good and healthy it is often said to make use of natural products.

Take one drop of Careprost (Generic Latisse)on the applicator provided with it and place gently on the eyes.

Do not open eye for about 2-3 minutes

Later on, you can clean the applicator as it should not be left untouched..

Make sure that solution does not fall on other skin as it can allow hairs to grow on the respective area.

Make use of the exact dose as recommended, do not overdose it.


In case you fall to face the below-mentioned side-effects then contact to doctor.

  • The dark color of the skin around the eye area
  • Pain in the eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Itching

Consult Doctor If You Are Or Suffered From

If you are suffering from any respiratory or viral infection.

You have low blood pressure.

Gone through any sort of eye surgery

Do not allow the drop to fall on another skin area.

And before applying remove any sort of make-up and lenses.

It can also interact with some of the other medicines like misoprostol, dinoprostone and may lead to lowering of your eye pressure.

If you are consuming any sort of herbal or other medicine then tell the doctor before you go on with Careprost.

All About Dosage

When it comes to dosage then it should not be overdosed, if by mistake you have done it so then make sure to rinse your eyes with water.

If you have missed your dose then all you need to put when you get a reminder on it.

There are many questions that people might get hold on and here is the answer to same.

When to use careprost?

It can be used when you are facing a problem with your eyelashes (thinning, weaker, and falling). Also, take specialist help to know and then apply.

Can Careprost help to change the color of an eye?

It may change the color of the part of the eye known as the iris. The result can be seen after few months of use and hence you can see the more dark shade of your eyes.

Can Careprost cause dryness in the eye?

Yes, it may happen at times that you can face dryness, consult a doctor in that case.

Warning Associated With Careprost

There are certain precautions associated with careprost so you need to take care of things.

If you are pregnant then make sure to call your doctor and ask if it is safe to use.

Do not take when you are gone with any sort of surgery.

Do not place when you are driving.

Do not drink

You can obtain the Careprost (Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution) online as well, so you do not have to look anywhere, there are lot many online pharmacies are into it and a generic villa is one of those.

You can make use of Careprost to get your lashes thick and strong.

Women now no more struggle on their eyelashes thinning and not to make use of false lashes.

When you have the choice in front of you then give your eyes relaxation and treat it with Careprost.

Result Obtained

After the continuous use of the dose, you can see the result within 16 weeks. Also when you get dark and thick lashes, at some point you can stop making use of it.

It can offer you the result for few months.

When you think you need to start treatment again you can switch to the dose again. It can be anytime and with anyone.

Eyelashes are the basic part and we need to take care of it with Careprost.


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