Easy Learn Bangla Crack X64 [Latest 2022]

App Features: • Easy to use: a wide range of pre-recorded audio files that can be used to make learning more effective.
• Audio Player: listening to the audio files is as easy as watching TV or radio.
• Easy lessons: a wide range of pre-recorded lessons that you can use to reinforce your knowledge and understanding of the topics that are included in the application.
• Practice mode: it is possible to repeat the examples for each lesson so that you can practice your knowledge.
• Flash cards: you can use the application to learn words that are present in the study material and that can be used to memorize or to learn.
• Suggested words: to help you learn even faster, the program suggests words that you need to learn when you choose a lesson.
• Tips in the menu: a list of the most useful tips that can be helpful when you learn a new topic and that you can use as reference material.
• Comments: a feature that allows you to answer questions and ask for explanations for each topic.
• Efficient support: an efficient support feature allows you to contact the technical support team through email, phone and live chat. You can also fill out the on-line help form that can answer your questions in a convenient way.

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Easy Learn Bangla

– Learn basic Bangla Vocabulary with transcriptions, pronunciations and audio explanations.
– Learn how to say hello with greeting cards for different people, in general, and for the first, for friends, mother, father and teacher
– Learn how to reply to different people with stickers
– Learn how to ask and answer questions, what to do in various situations
– Learn how to greet people at the door or in the store, to order at a restaurant, to ask about transportation and how to solve problems
– Learn how to speak at the bank, with a friend, in a lecture and in class
– Learn how to invite people to an event, to give them a gift, to be invited to a party, to give thanks and how to ask for something
– Learn how to agree or disagree, thanks or compliment with the greetings cards
– Learn how to tell people you like them, you are happy for them, you want to be their friend, have fun
– Learn how to give thanks
– Learn how to apologize and say sorry
– Learn how to exchange compliments and give thanks
– Learn how to say thank you in different situations
– Learn how to give thanks for gifts
– Learn how to ask how to arrive at a place, to give instructions, how to ask for directions
– Learn how to ask the time and date
– Learn how to say goodbye
– Learn how to say goodbye to friends and relatives
– Learn how to say goodbye to your parents, teachers, friends
– Learn how to ask for an appointment
– Learn how to say that it was a pleasure to meet you
– Learn how to give thanks to someone who helped you
– Learn how to give thanks for a gift
– Learn how to say goodbye to someone who just left and what to say to them
– Learn how to say thank you with different cards
– Learn how to say thank you to a store clerk or someone who helped you
– Learn how to thank a person for a present
– Learn how to say thank you for a party
– Learn how to say thank you for a gift
– Learn how to give thanks for a gift
– Learn how to say thank you for a meal
– Learn how to give thanks for a meal
– Learn how to say thank you to a host
– Learn how to say thank you to your friend
– Learn how to say thank you for a party
– Learn how to say thank you for a present


Easy Learn Bangla [32|64bit] (2022)

Easy Learn Bangla is an easy-to-use digital learning application for the Bengali language. It includes word pronunciations, writing instructions and video presentations that can help you learn with ease.
You can use the application to view basic conversations related with shopping, doctor appointments and greetings. It is easy to use and allows you to learn the most important elements of the language in short time.
It includes some highlights of an electronic tutor:
– Short grammar rules including word uses
– Grammar structure
– Advanced grammar rules including relative pronouns and advanced inflections
– Basic dialogs with pronounces of word parts.
– Pronunciation of about 1000 common words with audio support
– Grammar quizzes with the correct answers.
– Hindi and English words pronunciation support

Learn Bangla – Word Learn Bangla [Update]

Learn Bangla – Word Learn Bangla [Update]

Learn to learn Bangla! It’s a free and interesting app that teaches you to learn Hindi words the easy way with a free game.Bengali words are suitable for every family. Learn to learn Bangla (Hindi) with us on this app.This is the App with maximum lifetime users base.
1. Learn 100 unique words : Learn to learn: 100 unique words is a free and interesting app that teaches you to learn Hindi words the easy way with a free game.Bengali words are suitable for every family. It is like Learn to learn: 100 or more words.
2. Highlight: Highlight is an amazing feature in this app. It gives you a challenge and you should highlight the word by mistake. A free game of 100 words with easy learning method.
3. Word Database: A word database with about 100,000 words. It is useful to learn Bangla for beginners.
4. Offline mode : The word database will be searched offline. We are adding some ideas on our word database for the beginner.
5. 2 Languages : You can learn Hindi and Bangla through this app.
6. 4 languages: You can learn Hindi, Bangla, English, Arabic and French through this app.
7. Specific words of English : The specific word of English are added in this app. You can search and learn it.
8. Learning for mobile phone : The app can be installed in Iphone, Andriod and Windows Mobile phones.
9. No internet connection : You will able to learn Hindi and Bangla without

What’s New in the Easy Learn Bangla?

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System Requirements:

Windows XP (32-bit), Vista (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.6 (10.7 or higher) and 10.8 (or higher)
2 GB of RAM
30 GB of hard-drive space
DirectX 9.0c
Gamepad support
The game also supports the keyboard to pause and cycle weapons. Tapping forward/back will cycle between weapons, while holding the left/right



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