Name Elden Ring
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Rating 4.29 / 5 ( 3141 votes )
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The official website for the new fantasy action RPG developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, “ISELDIVA 2: Genesis of the Dark Dragon,” released on March 8.
The game, set on the plane of the Lands Between, the gateway of the vast world, is a world in which the continent of Embrenos (Aceres) has vanished, and there lies an absolute land. The dark dragon, the absolute chaos, the master of the Lands Between, the guardian of Embrenos, seized that land, and cut the world of Embrenos in two. The Lands Between thus became the world and its master, “the Lord of Oblivion.” The people who died in Embrenos have gathered in the Lands Between and are now wandering around, separated from one another. Some people abandoned the Lands Between and have a life in the world of Embrenos. In the desolate lands, you meet those who once lived in Embrenos, and fight in order to live together.
“ISELDIVA 2: Genesis of the Dark Dragon” is a fantasy action RPG based on the RPG “Seiken Densetsu,” the “Final Fantasy Tactics” of Japan. The game adopts game mechanics from the RPG “ISELDIVA.” These include interactive events, in which the player selects the timing, and free characters; characters in the same location have various options to talk to the player; and actions that the player is assigned for a character, such as Attack, Item, Agility, and so on. An example is that when an enemy is attacked by a character’s party, the “Attack” action can be assigned to that character, and he will automatically attack the enemy who received damage. At the same time, the other party members may also move to attack that enemy. If all party members do not attack, the character can choose an optional action as an alternative to the action assigned to him.
The story is set on the plane of the Lands Between, an absolute land that is set in the middle of the vast world and is a gateway to the world of Embrenos. The dark dragon, absolute chaos, absolute guardian of the Lands Between, cuts that land in two, and the world of Embrenos thus became the land of the dark dragon. The “ISELDIVA” of the world of Embrenos has disappeared, and the grand city of Aceres,


Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.29 / 5 ( 3141 votes )
Update (2 days ago)


Features Key:

    The ultimate fantasy adventure where you create your own character and experience an online game that is deep and thrilling.
    • Possessing All Elements of Present-Day Action Games
    A fantasy story that should have the trappings of action games in a fantasy setting.
    Assemble your team and try to fight alongside a 3D party.
    • Customizable and Intuitive Equipment
    Equip a variety of weapons, accessories, and gear and strengthen your character.
    Sneak in from the back and unleash a deadly attack while avoiding being noticed.
    • Freely Customize Your Character
    There are only a few elements that are fixed for class usage. When you combine them, you can become the way you want.
    Learn to use a class’s abilities to wreak havoc on enemies at any angle and inflict maximum damage.

  • Thrilling battles between players and monsters take place in the midst of an open field.
    Cities full of thousands of inhabitants exist.
    Explore the towns, interact with people, gather resources, and learn the necessary information to proceed.

  • This mode has an easy interface that makes it easy to enjoy role-playing.
    Have fun as you flip through character books while interacting with other heroes.

  • Connect with other players and launch into a new adventure.
    Even if you come across the same old players, you can launch into a new world alongside them.
    And you can view your friends’ checklists from the list of trusted players.

  • There are no limits to the amount of quests you can accept, so you can randomly connect with people and go on quests.
    This is a game where you can have fun even if you don’t know what other people are doing.

  • Network hardware is available for download free of charge.
    Experience a world with high-quality graphics and sound.
    The game can also be played in 2D or used without the internet connection.

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    1. A vast world full of excitement.
    The map seamlessly connected to large scale 3-D dungeons with complex and detailed designs.

    2. Create your own character.
    Customize your appearance by freely combining the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip.

    3. An epic drama with a multilayered story.
    An adventure that relies on the story fragments of each character.

    4. Unique online play that loosely connects you to others.
    An online game that allows you to feel the presence of others.

    5. A high sense of accomplishment in all stages of the game.
    Experience the joy of exploration, trial, and fight.

    6. A new main weapon, Slayer.
    Powerfully attack with a deadly combination of heavy and light attack skills.

    7. Character Growth.
    Cultivate your strength, knowledge, and skills to increase your fighting ability.

    8. Additional armor and weapon will be added in December 2015.

    9. The new feature that lets you change the skill level by exploring the dungeon with your friends.

    10. The new feature that lets you fight with your character’s relative level.

    The game can be played by those with no knowledge of the fantasy RPG genre. The charming story is full of drama, and the complex adventure is entirely suitable for those who enjoy games with a high level of challenge.

    Game Highlights
    -A vast world full of excitement.

    -A 3D map seamlessly connected to large scale dungeons with complex and detailed designs.

    -A unique online play that lets you feel the presence of others.

    -Experience the joy of exploration, trial, and fight.

    -A high sense of accomplishment in all stages of the game.

    -A new main weapon, Slayer.

    -Character Growth.

    -Additional armor and weapons will be added in December 2015.

    -The new feature that lets you change the skill level by exploring the dungeon with your friends.

    -The new feature that lets you fight with your character’s relative level.

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    • A Vast World Full of Excitement
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations


    Elden Ring [Updated]


    Guided by the courage of the Elden Lords, you have been called in from the Lands Between and have entered the fantasy world of the Elden Ring.

    Open world, save in a save point.

    In addition to the dungeons, you can freely travel around the world of the Elden Ring and explore open fields.

    A wide variety of weapons and armor.

    You can freely combine the weapons and armor you are equipped to create your own unique set.

    Using magic? Learn to create unique spells by developing your own spell book.

    Discover the new game world of the Elden Ring.

    Explore the depth of the lore of the Elden Ring.

    Gather items of various qualities in various places.

    Cut open the gate to hidden dungeons.

    Open online game, I hope you enjoy it!

    Elden Ring -a world of fantasy- is an open world MMORPG, accessible from a familiar fantasy world of dragons, demons, and elves. You play as a member of the prestigious and ancient order of the Elden Ring.

    In the game, you will become a member of the Elden Ring and forge your own path of an adventurer as a Tarnished Knight who has been raised from an adventurer at birth.

    Any comments?

    This is a fan translation. Please support the official release.

    • The original game was developed by the Game Draückers.

    • This translation was made by the fans.

    • This translation is only a fan translation.

    • The official release was released on August 24, 2013.

    • Player names and other information have been adapted to be able to comply with the terms of the official release.This invention relates generally to emulsions and more specifically to oil in water emulsions that are stabilized by an emulsifier and hydrophobic material blended in an aqueous solution.
    In U.S. Pat. Nos. 3,152,965; 3,788,015; and 3,904,546, Shike et al. describe emulsion stabilizing compounds of the polyhydroxy fatty acid type wherein the fat soluble ingredients are a blend of an emulsifying agent and an effective amount of an organic material. These compositions are described as being especially useful for stabilizing salad dressings.
    U.S. Pat. No. 4,010,063, the


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The Mage’s Ring RPG (Japanese media edition)

    • Puzzles and Adventures to Witness in the Lands Between
    A new fantasy full of suprises! Within a puzzle-packed world full of adventure, you play as a lost child that is destined to protect an entire continent with the power of the Elden Ring. Your every move is guided by grace, enabling you to befriend half elves, experience the charm of a pirate’s lifestyle, and solve complex dungeons in the lands between.

    "The Lands Between" – a land of constant transition.
    You cannot enter the Lands Between because you fail to make any magic. But you find people that wander in a fantasy world in the Lands Between with some magic. None of them know you are an Elden? Are you an Elden? How is it possible that you are in the life of a masher, a person who lives for his work, and live in the midst of this fantasy with low magic and a small magic book?

    Use the magick powers of the elden ring to bind chaos and harmony to cross into the world of the mashers. Following the rhythm of the semiorganized plot, you will be drawn into a maelstrom of the fascinating and dangerous worlds and take advantage of secrets within them.

    "The Lands Between" is a prequel on the adventure story of the mage’s ring RPG. The story of the first half of the game is revealed, what kind of world that is new fantasy awaits you in the second half of the game?

    *Play the Mage’s Ring RPG on PC
    *The game is a romance visual novel with a story and a new fairy tale “The Lands Between” *

    "A mage’s life seems to be boring". Sakurakichi Sakuma, an orphan mage that lives in this dead land, is homesick and yet he bore the hardships with magical strength. He was a mage that could both destroy the world with his magic and create harmony with his theme song.

    This manga series is about, Sakurakichi’s history and the influence of his childhood to his future. The story is focused to the story of a new fantasy world called “The


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  • Credit:

    Elden Ring Official Website: >


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Please read this listing of minimum and recommended system requirements before purchasing this product.
    OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit or later), Mac OS X (El Capitan or later), or Ubuntu 16.04 (or later)
    Processor: Intel Core i3 processor or later
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: 256 MB Video RAM
    Storage: 15 GB available space
    OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit or later), Mac OS X (El Capitan or later



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