Create your own character, can be freely combined, and can develop over time.
• The World of Fantasy Is Realistic
A vast game world where character development and epic battles are possible in high-level content.
• The World of Fantasy Exists
A fantasy world where you can directly enjoy the story and view it in-game.
• A World of Fantasy with Over 30 Million Players
A game world that is as huge as the entirety of the Elder Scrolls series.
• A Fantasy World with Epic Adventures
Adventure in the fantasy world with a variety of story elements and a variety of monsters.
• To Become an Elden Lord
In this fantasy action RPG, rise from an A+ status to a DD status!
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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • a unique online world that loosely connects you to others
  • a world with an extensive and open-world structure and awesome dynamic events
  • An extreme variety of player character classes and weapons
  • A very rich character customization system
  • Great graphics and a moody dark fantasy world with a great exploration experience
  • Highly addictive and entertaining gameplay
  • Elden Ring main features:

    • A Players Online Game
    • A World Rich with Dynamic Events
    • A Play Style Based on Your Choice
    • Great Graphics and a Spirit of Style
    • A Variety of Player Characters and Weapons
    • The Dark Fantasy experience of an RPG
    • An entertaining Story full of Fantasy Magic

    About Tarnished Games:

    • Co-founder: Abby
      Lead Designer: JKK, Abry
    • Founded in: 2018
    • Creative Director: Abby
    • Co-founder: JBB
    • Lead Designer: JBB
    • Founded in: 2015
    • Co-founder: UB, JBB
    • Lead Designer: JKB, UB


    • Tarnished Games Website:
    • Facebook page:
    • Twitter page:


      Elden Ring Free [Latest-2022]


      Drux, Hectic, Prismatic_Design, Sissymn, Iloise, SuperSawyer,
      miamiCamo31, SenjuTome, SuperScalar, G4tOtaku,
      Wanhuar, ydaring, its_cat, gramon, SteelRage, Motley96,
      Dyste, Minimalist, Enthrall, Uncrisis, Five,

      The Vast World, Pits of Despair, the Lands Between, the Prologue, the End of the World, The First Golden Realm, The Second Golden Realm, The Third Golden Realm, The Fourth Golden Realm, The Fifth Golden Realm, The Sixth Golden Realm, The Seventh Golden Realm, How Many Realms, The Final Golden Realm, The Monster Exhibition, The Monster World, The Monsters of Elysion, The End

      There were a lot of things I’d intended to share with you for the first update of the year, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. But now that the holidays are over, I’m able to slowly progress towards the update (as I was promised).

      Encounter system

      I already presented a sneak peek in the previous post, but I’m really happy with how much work I can say I’m able to do. These updates will present a few changes, such as redoing the encounter system, as well as the following features:

      – Monsters in the world
      – More details for the Appearance section of the character
      – More information about dressing NPCs (who can use a base of dressing)
      – More possibility of effects for skills


      The actions section should be the most important part of the next update. After doing a lot of work, I’ve updated a few of the actions, such as the following:

      – Rebalance of the Sword and Staff skills
      – Revitalizing attacks in the amount of your stamina remaining
      – Reaction attack effect reduction
      – Movement speed increase from wearing a piece of armor
      – Skill effects of evasive skills


      The Character section should also be the more important part of the upcoming update, especially for the following reasons:

      – The Character Development system will be changed to a set of skills
      – Skill interactions will be unified
      – More detailed descriptions of the skills



      Elden Ring Download

      • Choose a Name and Character Background

      Select a name for your character. You can also select a battle style and class.

      Character Background:


      Special Weapon:

      Character Skill:

      Beat Map:

      Playable Character:

      Once you have completed the conversation with your character, you will gain control of your character.

      Players can acquire new skills and obtain other bonuses through class skills and leveling up.

      Characters can also obtain magic orbs through the right quest.

      Players can look for items and rest during battles with a battle save function.

      Possessory status is an important factor for your character, so you can make smart decisions even in the middle of the battle.

      You can build your character into a strong warrior by collecting your strength and techniques to beat enemies.

      You can use magical arts in the battle in which you can go beyond your enemies.

      Hints and Tips

      ・In battle with a variety of opponents, you need to choose your strategy

      ・Use the special power of your class and class skills and this will provide a variety of tactics

      ・Fill your character with skill and level up your class skills to increase your special power

      ・You can learn various magic skills, so you can use them in the battle

      ・Use attack, attack reversal, support, and high-class tactics to take an advantage of your opponent

      ・You can use items which cost a lot in resources and items during the battle

      ・In the game, you can equip your weapons and armor as you like, so they can be used directly in battle

      ・You can obtain various materials and craft magical orbs using them

      ・You can equip different weapons and armor to make the battle play to your advantage

      ■ Rune Knowledge

      Each character in the game has a magic rune to enhance your battle power. They will be shown when your character unlocks the magic rune. Your character will have four runes in total and you will be able to use two runes in battle.

      The four runes:

      Rune Attribute





      Rune Name





      HP Recovery

      You can use rune attribute and name to learn rune with the attribute of the same name

      When using a rune in the battle, there is an effect that you


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      ©2017 D3 Publisher Inc. All Rights Reserved.                                                                                                                            &n


      Download Elden Ring

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      6. Enjoy!

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    Other: Battery or AC power supply, mouse or keyboard
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    Because UMD media requires a separate physical media




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