The base game that will be available for early access will include only the main characters, combat, and basic quests. In the future, additional content such as items and quests will be available for purchase, and players will be able to freely enjoy the game together.

We would like to emphasize the basic premise of the game: the Lands Between. A place in which the rules are different from those of the land of Sanctuary. A quiet, peaceful, and expansive world. A world in which time seems to have stopped while you have been sleeping. A world full of dangers yet, at the same time, full of possibilities. A world full of life and death, where a new story unfolds at every turn.

This is the world known as Elden Ring Cracked Accounts – an action RPG based on the world of Elden Ring.


Release Date: October 30, 2018 (early access)

Part 1 (Core Game): September 20, 2018 (early access)

Part 2 (Side Quests): November 22, 2018

Gears of Good & Evil & “What to Expect”

This is a game based on Elden Ring, a novel by Mutsuriko.

Elden Ring is a novel about a world in which the world of Sanctuary is connected to the Lands Between by a series of portals. This world is known as the Lands Between, and it’s a world where time appears to have stopped while the protagonist (a young warrior who has the name of Tarnished) sleeps.

This novel has an overall story of over 300 pages, and provides hints concerning the characters and story line of the Lands Between game. Please read it before playing the game, and be sure to read the illustration included with this game to be fully informed about the Land Between setting.

The main antagonist is the main protagonist’s grandfather, who is currently in the Lands Between. While the protagonist is escorting the body of his deceased grandfather to the land of Sanctuary, the protagonist is attacked by a mysterious assassin. The protagonist then meets the hero of the novel, and together they journey to the Lands Between. As they delve deeper into the Lands Between, a mysterious stranger who has appeared in the Lands Between in the same time arrives. The three start to encounter various individuals and dangerous monsters. The player character also acquires a sword.

The Lands Between are composed of various areas. In the core game, the player travels through


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An action RPG with an epic fantasy feel.
  • Innovative user interface designed for smartphones.
  • Character Customization where you can freely select your appearance, combination of weapons, armor, and magic.
  • Ever-changing map system and wide open world.
  • A variety of dungeons overflowing with content.
  • An online system that allows you to team up and play simultaneously with others.
  • Game features designed for smartphone use.
  • Free monthly events for all users.
  • A revamped purchasing system including the following items:
    • Gold/Silver/Bronze Weapons
    • Explosives
    • Manual/Automatic Attacks
    • Arms and Armors
    • Items
    • Artefacts/Acquisitions
  • Exclusive Design Features:

    • Elden Ring Character Design
    • Fantasy Creatures/Animals Design
    • Three-dimensional Monsters and Street View
    • Mounts and Airships
    • Battle Systems

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    Revised August 12, 2019

    Elden Ring Activation Code Free 2022

    It is an Action RPG. The entire basic game of the IOS version, but it is not the same as the Android version. The main things are the following points.
    As you can not link or choose the other persons in the same device, it is impossible to make an online multiplayer. However, you can connect your character’s information and yourself to another platform through Facebook and Google+. It is possible to play together with other people. In addition to the entire map, in this season you can go to a new world called the “Sunset Isle”. The “Sunset Isle” is considered to be a rival of the original world. In this Isle, there are 10 times as many monsters.

    ▲ The “Sunset Isle” page


    It is an action RPG. The entire basic game of the IOS version, but it is not the same as the Android version. The main things are the following points.
    ▷The main character who has the mission to defeat the people who hindered the Elden Tree, his partner and people who help him are called through the “Redemption”. They are like the people who deal with other people and the monsters which you fight in the world, they are very common people.
    ▷It is an Action RPG. You fight the battle in the world in which you can freely move and with many people in front and behind.
    ▷For the attack, you can switch the weapon. You can develop your character according to your play style and as a result of this, the weak part of the enemy will collapse and the enemy will be defeated.
    ▷There are many types of monsters and opponents in the game. After the defeat of some of them, you can collect items which you equip.
    ▷The strategy varies in the fight depending on the situation. In this case, it is important to keep the distance.


    There are 3 main content. The main character of the hero, who the player can choose according to their own preferences. The story of Redemption and the opposite face of the heroine. The battle that you fight and the character development in the world.

    ◆Story of Redemption
    One day, the Goddess of the land, the goddess of light, the goddess of plant, the goddess of the forest, so appeared.
    “The land that you see before you, which you could not see before is the land


    Elden Ring Download

    • Rapid Movement

    -Easily and intuitively control the character by moving the left stick.

    • Weapon Action

    -Choose between Light and Heavy attacks (RMB)

    • New Action System

    -Single button action (Square button)

    • Free-Shooting

    -Option to freely shoot with the mouse (MMB)

    • Easy Battle System

    -Easily attack enemy mobs with weapon actions

    • Grabbing the Enemy

    -Successfully grab an enemy by “LMB + RMB”, and drag it out.

    • Non-Targeting

    -An ally can attack a non-targeted enemy, or move around an enemy to avoid being attacked.

    • New Character Development System

    -Increase your strength, magic, and attack power

    • A Wide Variety of Battles

    -In addition to the original enemy’s mob, you can also attack

    mobs with items, and a variety of traps

    • Synchronous Online Play

    -Enjoy the adventure with others who are nearby, or connect online.

    GAMEPLAY Adventurer Battle ELDEN RING game:

    • Various Random Battles

    -Battle against hundreds of troops of various troops equipped with various weapons.

    • Different Enemy Troops

    -The enemy is composed of countless troops with different weapons.

    • Several Skills

    -In addition to combat skills, you can also use skills that have different effects on the battlefield.

    • Aimed Attacks

    -You can destroy the enemy by shooting the enemy’s main body.

    • Friendly Unit Support

    -Various support actions will be performed for allies that accompany you.

    • Capture Points

    -Capturing enemy units will grant you various benefits.

    • Boss Battles

    -The main focus of the game is to defeat the boss.

    • Non-Targeting

    -An ally can attack a non-targeted enemy, or move around an enemy to avoid being attacked.

    • Invasive Support

    -An ally can assist the invasion of the enemy.

    • Free-Shooting

    -Option to freely shoot with the mouse (MMB)

    • Augmented Attacks

    – Augmented attacks that develop


    What’s new:

    PLEASE NOTE: Certain servers have issues, so different servers have different stages. Please be aware.

    ■Rising Horizons


    • A Vast, Open World

    Travel from east to west and unearth multiple dungeons to increase your strength. Explore all the wards and towns of the main story’s open world and discover its ever-changing and unexpected secrets.

    • Unique Combat System with a Heroic Feel

    Create your own class and vocation unique to you. This roleplay-like, action RPG has a great combat feel, while also being easy to learn.

    • Strong, Well-Crafted Story and Characters

    Vivid and atmospheric characters, interesting plot devices, and various types of dungeons. Follow the story and ally yourself with others in order to rise even higher.


    • Internet Connection (DLNA) necessary for the listing of contents; Disc images must be downloaded to a computer.
    [ ]

    ■Prologue Edition


    • A Vast, Open World

    Unlock new towns and dungeons as you progress in the main story.

    • A Variety of Wards and Dungeons

    Explore multiple towns, such as Queen’s Abbey and Celestia, in addition to various dungeons such as the Darkgod Temple.

    • A Special Dungeon Full of Danger

    A variety of dungeons encompassing tense situations and risk. This is where you can feel just how much you have grown.

    A variety of classes added

    Rediscover the thrill of creating your own class and decision.

    Enchantments added

    Enhance your skills and abilities with a variety of special weapons and armor.

    ■Rising Horizons New Features


    6 New Characters added

    Explore the Lands Between with a variety of new characters.

    3 Famous Lore


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    How to play ELDEN RING:

    The game consists of four action RPGs which unfold in a series of branches. The worlds are diverse, ranging from underground caverns to courtyards and from the sky to dungeons. Each story contains three branches, which can be freely combined, and each branch has its own story.

    The game also features new characters like the Pale and the Stone Dragon, alongside the original characters from the previous game. Additionally, the player can use magic in battles, and their equipment and weapons can be customized through equipment and equipment exchange.


    ◆ Let your imagination run wild.
    Over 100,000 words have already been written, and content covering over 10,000 battles has been prepared. With a broad variety of routes to choose from, ELDEN RING allows you to experience your story as you want.

    ◆ Brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord.
    You can train your character using Prestige Points, growing muscle strength, forging new equipment, and advancing the skills of your character.

    ◆ Easy and Free.
    The main purpose of the game is to enjoy the beauty of the game. However, you can also make money if you participate in the online game. You can purchase game characters for real money, and characters purchased in the game can be used in the real world.

    ◆ A wide world of adventure.
    Explore the different types of environments like grassy lands, underground caverns, and oceans.

    ◆ Immerse yourself in a fantasy


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    Greetings adventurers!

    We appreciate the interest you take in our game. We are making some new additions to make the game more fun to play.

    The new adventure is designed so you are not on a journey but an adventure in a completely open world. As you explore you find new enemies and environments to battle against. They will teach you new abilities and items to help you on your journey!

    Some time ago we hinted at a couple of monsters which we have been working on and can now say that we are very close to releaseing them! These monsters are called,

      : The Vigilant :
      : By the end of the game you will be able to face them in a boss battle and destroy them!
      : The Noble :
      : Your party will be riding a dragon that is tamed by the spirit!!!

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    if (isset($vars[$attribute]) && is_string($vars[$attribute])) {
    $vars[$attribute] = $vars[$attribute] == $value? $value : $this->_initializeAttribute($attribute, $value, $this->_provider);

    if ($this->_key)


    System Requirements:

    OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2 / Microsoft® Windows® 7 / Microsoft® Windows® 8
    Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD® Athlon™ X2 Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Driver: DirectX 9.0c / Shader Model 2.0
    hardware OpenGL 2.1 compliant
    DirectX Graphics Accelerator x64 (AMD/ATI/NVidia)
    Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 (


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