■ Engine

SCUMM Engine® is an engine based on that of the classic role-playing games Ultima I-VI, Baldur’s Gate I, and Icewind Dale, and is optimized for mobile devices. The development team recreated characters, world maps, and various items and environments from these games on top of the same system. Thanks to this engine, users can enjoy the game with an unprecedented sense of scale, a rich atmosphere, and characters that reflect the original worlds.

■ Character

Here, that beautiful and lovable character from the original worlds has been reborn! Become a thief or a paladin. Create or customize your own character. Try out a variety of equipment and add items to it.

■ Actions and Skills

You can perform actions like walking, attacking, casting magic, and equipping items. Skills can be used in battle.

■ Walk Through the World of Tarnished

An action RPG told in fragments. A rich, exciting world awaits you, full of exciting and diverse information.

■ Play Online with Others

You can freely connect with other players. Enjoy the unique phenomenon of “feeling the presence of others”, and take advantage of opportunities to make friends!

■ See Your Quest in Three Dimensions

The game’s world is vast with three-dimensional maps that explore the region’s open fields and underground dungeons. The game’s action is enhanced by full-scale 3D graphics and animations.

■ Improved Interface

Being able to freely move around the open world is made easier with an improved user interface.

■ Wide Variety of Relevant Contents

The game features 3D graphics, and the design includes strong sword-fighting action with heavy attack and effective counterattack. If you are tired of the World of Tarnished story, you can start a new game with all your items and save data. That can be very useful for when you want to take your character back to the start.

The game has a wide variety of in-game rewards for enjoyment and various features, such as experience points that can be used to increase your character’s level, valuable items, and experience-increasing bonuses.

■ Conclusion

If you are a fan of classic role-playing games and love the games’ atmosphere and story, then you are sure to enjoy World of Tarnished!


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Make your own Fantasy Adventure
    The freedom to create your own adventure and to freely develop your own character are possible.
    • Freely Customize Equipment
    Equipped with a variety of equipment, you can freely develop your character.
    • Role Playing Game Character Achievment
    You can freely develop your character to become an accomplished hero at an affordable price.
    • Take full control of various elements
    The story unfolds as you explore the surrounding areas, the world, and the entire story is fully under your control.
    • Make your Character’s Dreams Come True
    You can further improve your character in the world.

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