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The fantasy world has broken into three, and over four thousand years of history has passed since then. Each one of the three is in a precarious state. The third is called “Elden Ring”. An early version of a legendary ancient language is slowly dying out. Only a few Elden Lords remain who were born from the Elden Ring, and they are the descendants of the people who first discovered the language. All three of the remaining countries are filled with strange beasts and creatures and have entered a period of civil war. The consequence of this chaos has meant that the ancient language is in a dire state.

The rulers of these three lands-Durum, Weepwall, and Abel-all want to restore the Elden language. In order to do so, they believe the answer is in the ancient language known as “Voidtalk.”

The main protagonist will be one of the “Lords”-that is, the descendants of the people who first discovered the language. To restore the language to its former glory, you will complete a “Chronicle Quest.” In order to safely complete the Chronicle Quest, you will face off against a variety of enemies, and you will have to become a power within the lands. The action-RPG adventure takes place in three different countries, and each of the game’s three “home islands” have their own maps, dungeons, and storylines.


• World of Adventure with a Story
In this action-RPG, you can easily run, jump, dash, and climb anywhere in the world. The world is made up of fields, mountains, forests, and other scenery, and contains dungeons full of secrets and monsters. You will encounter powerful beasts, ancient structures, and various other things as you travel.

• Unique Character and Weapon System
You will be able to choose your character’s appearance, weapons, and armor, and then freely combine them. You can also increase your character’s power as you go on. Every Elden Lord has their own characteristics, which are reflected in their weapon and armor.

• Rich Game Mechanics that Explore and Enjoy the World of Adventure
You will be able to enjoy the creation of weapons and armor by combining various elements, as well as the crafting of items, such as consumables, items, and equipment, which have various effects.

• Unique Score Attack System
As you engage with enemies, you will be able to make various action


Features Key:

    Unite powerful characters, solve the mystery of an ancient kingdom and challenge yourself against the most fearsome monsters that can be found in the Lands Between in a world where no one is straightforward.
    Experience a re-creation of the typical fantasy world wherein the player’s aim is to build an existence in which they can feel satisfied with.
    Choose your personal path, learn new abilities and take your place in a story that takes place on two parallel but distinctly separate paths.
    Upon starting the game, the world begins to fall into complete chaos. The areas in which the player is present remain peaceful in spite of it, but the lands surrounding it become a battlefield. A chaotic realm against an unknown enemy, where you have to learn to fight using your own power.
    The battle animations are incredibly detailed, with sceneries that are rich with various aspects of the game world and breathtaking attacks. Meanwhile, the character models themselves are astonishingly realistic and are clearly differentiated between male and female adventurers.
    Appreciate a world with the volume of exploration and seamless transitions to events and battles. Visit with the impression of meeting a living fantasy novel and experience a constantly changing environment.
    Become a lethal weapon in battle with the super-sharpened sword match “Rapid-Fire Slash.” Even if you just get one hit, the powerful glowing creature will quickly retreat.
  • Elden Ring Free

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    RPG classic elemental based fantasy combat system!
    Action RPG Freely Combines + Slide + Dungeon Explorer
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
    As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

    1. Enter the world of Tarnished
    In the beginning, the lands of the Elden became corrupted, and the Dark One has awoken.
    The dark elves have returned, and have created wars and contests using their magic. The world is shrouded in an ominous silence.
    We, who are called the Tarnished, who hate the Dark One and are motivated by justice, have gathered to protect the innocent.
    You are one of them.
    2. Collect and Customize Equipment
    The Elden Ring is a popular symbol that unites people. As the wielder of power over the Dark One, we are blessed with magical power, and have been entrusted with a gift of the Elden Ring.
    Select the equipped weapon from over 40 elements and combine them to create your own Unique Weapon.
    You will also acquire equipment based on your class.
    3. Loot Dungeons and Pursue Adventure
    Traversing the 3-dimensional world, you will be challenged by monsters that surpass those in the legend.
    Keep exploring for strength and magic enhancements. In areas with a high level, you can freely view a 3D dungeon.
    You can find ancient items and secret runes.
    Pursue your adventure as you seek the truth of the Dark Elves’ actions and the mystery of the Dark One.

    Gameplay of the game.

    What is New

    Character Customization
    Be yourself by taking on a character name, appearance, skin color, hair color, gender, weapon, type of equipment, and etc.

    Choose your own class.
    You can freely mix and match class types. There are 9 classes available in the game.

    Unique Weapon
    A variety of weapons are available. The combination and detail of weapon attachments are truly one-of-a-kind.

    Class Customization
    You can change your character’s equipment and class type freely.
    Upgrade through strength and magic and obtain new weapons.

    ※ Please note that the character stats at the time of purchase are attached to the character name and cannot be changed.
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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ◆Unique RPG Music with a High-quality Feel
    Imagine the world of epic battles and tales of heroic struggles. A world of light and shadow full of drama. It all comes to life with music composed by the acclaimed Red Orchestra composer, Jaroslav Sikut.
    ◆Much More
    In the Lands Between, you can rise against the arrogant Silver Knights and strike them down mercilessly. Flourish like a blossoming flower, grow and ride like a majestic dragon, or summon an entirely new form of being with an Elden Ring.


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    North America:
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    How to Crack?

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    How To Install The Game?

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Before we proceed, we’d like to remind everyone that there will be changes to the base requirements after release, so we can’t guarantee that the Minimum System Requirements will remain. For more information, please refer to the revised Minimum System Requirements.
    You may have the following hardware depending on your region.
    Windows OS: Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8 64bit, Windows 8.1 64bit, Windows 10 64bit
    Processor: Intel Core i3 2.2GHz, Intel Core i3 2.5GHz, Intel Core i3 2.


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