The game world is divided into 22 areas. There are many monsters in the world and you can equip them. The creature types and their attacks differ in each area. In order to grow and become stronger, you must summon an Elder God and consume their energies.

This game offers a sandbox type of structure, where you can freely customize your battles and summon a god. It is a game for fantasy roleplaying where you can become a powerful character and enjoy battles in a unique world that you have created yourself.


A number of purchases and trades for other games will be accepted as payment.




/// Tarnished ===

※ About the Deal!

A game that has been a long time coming finally has a complete version! This version consists of a number of new features, such as revisions and optimizations to the game engine to create a completely stable game experience.

The content of this version, other than a product that can be enjoyed by everyone, are characters and monsters that are not available in other versions.

It contains about 40% of the content in order to fix the bugs that were fixed in the previous version.

The features that were added to this version, such as the new item that was released in August of this year, are also included.

I will be releasing this version to the Windows platform at the same time as the release of Switch to the Android version.

By the way, the creation of a more complete version took a long time compared to a game that was made in a short time.

But I’m very happy that I was able to finally release it in its current state.

/// Tarnished!==

※ What do I mean by that?

A limit has been set so that you can only experience a small amount of content.

If you want to go to the maximum limit of the game, you will need to purchase or trade for the complete version. (If you do not purchase or trade for the complete version, you will be unable to experience any features that it has.)

In addition, the prices of certain items have been raised. Please be aware that it takes about 6 months to make a full update of the game, and the development of this version has already taken quite a while. If


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Various cities, the Lands Between, and the open world to discover.
  • Complex dungeons with a variety of design.
  • Polished in-game effects, intuitive actions, and modernized controls.
  • 6 characters, male and female, to select from.
  • Gorgeous graphics.
  • Support for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR.
  • Unified game library.
  • Search and complete quests.
  • Elden Ring Release Status:

    Elden Ring is slated for an early 2020 release.

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