Derma rollers have been utilized to address different skin concerns like hyperpigmentation and scarring.

A derma roller is an apparatus comprising of a chamber-formed head spiked with teeny needles connected to a handle that you roll across parts of your face. This thing results in tiny stakes to the skin layer, which have been found to vitalize the skin’s regular arrangement of collagen.

Utilization of this instrument has developed from being utilized only as an in-office methodology with your dermatologist, to an at-home treatment accessible from retailers like Amazon, many online marts.

A later improvement in the domain of derma rolling is the facial hair roller. Some cases invigorate facial hair development and with a consistently developing pattern among men of having lavish, full whiskers job demonstrated by proficient competitors like Brian Wilson of the LA Dodgers, or entertainers like Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth-it’s no big surprise why the instrument has got a lot of engagement. 

So, What are these Beard Rollers?

Dr. Dennis Gross, a Board Certified Dermatologist in New York clarifies that facial hair rollers are simply one more name for at-home micro-needling gadgets. Basically, a hand-held gadget has a roller with a lot of little needles on its surface-like the normal derma roller, but with a bigger head. As per Dr. Rachel Maiman, a board-ensured dermatologist rehearsing at Marmur Medical in New York, “Facial hair rollers are essentially a derma-planning gadget. They execute similar mechanics yet are expected to invigorate hair development.”

How do these Derma Rollers work?

When we roll these rollers on the skin it creates tiny pores on the skin. These small pores or medically called wounds are signals of injury response in the skin. These wounds lead to an increase in collagen production which automatically results in healthy hair growth. It is also seen that the roller also delivers active ingredients that plump, hydrate, or boost collagen. 

Is it worth using a derma roller?

Dr. Ryan Turner, a board-affirmed dermatologist rehearsing in New York lets us know that “There is a little information recommending the advantages of micro-needling in scalp balding, yet it has not been contemplated in facial hair development.” He proceeds to say that narrative reports propose that derma rolling may emphatically impact facial hair development.

Dr. Maiman has some doubts about the sufficiency of facial hair rollers to set off hair development on the face and alerts us that there is minimal logical proof that upholds derma rollers being equipped for advancing facial hair development.

Maiman clarifies that help for the possibility that micro-needling might invigorate facial hair development comes from a review done in patients with androgenetic alopecia (hormonal going bald on the scalp) in 2015. “The members in the review were secluded to two gatherings,” says Maiman. “After randomization, one convention were offered week after week micro-needling treatment with two times day by day 5% minoxidil salve, and the other one was provided with just 5% minoxidil cream. The mean change in hair count at week 12 was essentially more prominent for the micro needling bunch contrasted with the gathering that got minoxidil alone, inciting examiners to presume that the micro needling-treated bunch was genuinely better than the minoxidil just treated bunch in advancing hair development in men with AGA.”

Sounds promising right? But as Dr. Maimon rushed to bring up, “It is challenging to extrapolate the discoveries in the review and apply them to facial hair.” likewise, she noticed, that “those distributed to the treated gathering in the review were treated with proficient grade micro-needling gadgets, similar to what is performed by a clinical expert, not a derma roller planned for at-home use.”

Dr. Gross firmly questions the utilization of a facial hair growth roller to animate facial hair development. “There isn’t sufficient proof to help that facial hair rollers assist with hair development. Assuming you’re hoping to thicken hair, you ought to settle on Rogaine,” he says.


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