There’s a lot of great changes that have been made to the game, and here are the ones that matter the most.

For starters, Bodybuilder is back.

Players once again utilize a power meter to control their game. You can use your body to do all kinds of things in the game. Whether you’re sprinting up-field, dribbling, shooting, jumping, or getting a shot off on a head, you’ll put the body to work. When you’re sprinting, your horizontal speed increases with your health. The more you sprint, the higher your power. This is all combined to determine how quickly you can accelerate and how quickly you can stop after running, dribbling, and shooting.

The Bodybuilder also affects your passing. The farther you can go with your pass, the more the speed will increase and the longer you’ll have your pass stick around. This also means you won’t be able to control your shot as accurately if you’re running. You’ll be able to make sharper passes as the Bodybuilder builds up.

The core “fitness” feature in FIFA 22 gives you a physical breakdown of your body’s abilities, as seen in the screenshot below.

Fitness is used to rank players in the game. The higher your Physical fitness grade, the better you’ll perform. This ranking is also applied to the Career mode. The more Bodybuilder you can muster, the better player you can be. In the Career mode, the players will always be fitted with the Bodybuilder level that will be best at their ability to perform.

Ability 1 is energy recovery. This is what dictates how fast you can recharge your momentum and play again, with different levels of recovery given by each player’s ability. The Bodybuilder will vary depending on the position of the player, from the right-back/defensive midfielder to the wingers, up-front, and strikers. This will help players adapt to play positions that they are currently not used to, and allows them to take on new roles if they so desire.

Ability 2 is stamina, which determines how long you can keep up your movement without pausing. At low levels, stamina gives players that can last for the match, and fight off fatigue. At higher levels, stamina lets players sprint for longer distances, and is


Features Key:

  • Highlights
    • FIFA 22 delivers a world where the environment and players are fully responsive to create and enhance the authentic feel of the most popular football video game.
    • Brand New Player Modeling System – FIFA has announced that every player in a new uniform is now more accurate, more realistic and more sporty.
    • FIFA Ultimate Team – Add the most complete fantasy club to build your squad. With the ability to trade players for a wide range of fantasy teams, you can fully customize your team with millions of possible combinations.
  • Free Kick Wonder Goals – With new free kicks that can be done in any direction and distance, you can score incredible spectacular goals from just anywhere in the field. Use the unique free kick talents of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale, Neymar Jr, Gareth, Harry Kane, Jamie Vardy, and Sadio Mane to pull off Unforgettable Moves.
  • Introducing New Referee System – Reinforce your wit and speed with your improved radar based contact systems. Electronic whistle and offside system with new audible cues to understand where to act. New AI for all on-pitch reactions, for more precise control and positioning of players. Switch to Dynamic Referee AI for increased creative freedom.
  • Human Performance and Visuals – Embrace what it means to be a football player, FIFA 22 will provide a more realistic experience when facing some of the most intense moments in soccer, such as heading, aerial challenges, and more.
  • Real World Movement, Physics and Authenticity – Drive technology allows the ball to move more realistically throughout matches. At multiple speeds, parts of the ball now react more precisely how they do in the real world, delivering more realistic ball control and passing. See the ball react to gravity and weather conditions, particularly when travelling long distances through high and low atmospheric conditions. EA SPORTS Visuals team continues to push the envelope in dedication to authenticity, with improved emotion, and more detail for a true sense of being a true football star.

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    FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.

    Improved Player Balance

    FIFA 22 introduces an unprecedented level of player balance to the series. Through years of community feedback and focus on analytics, we’ve improved every facet of the player skills and game engine to provide a balance experience that’s never been possible in a FIFA game before.

    Enhanced Player Experience

    Powered by an all-new game engine and features, FIFA 22 delivers a player experience that’s even richer than before. We’ve optimized every action on the field so it feels more responsive and fluid, with improved animations for players and coaches, and new concepts to better convey the pace and complexity of the game.

    Powered by Football™

    As in the real world, every play on the field is a combination of preparation, skill and reaction, making good decisions that contribute to winning.

    Introducing True Player Intelligence

    FIFA 22 introduces new AI intelligence concepts and new behaviors at the tactical and physical


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    FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is back in FIFA 22, and has evolved to deliver a whole new way to progress. Build the ultimate team of your favourite footballing greats, define the style of your team and make custom-made team kits and goalkeepers for every occasion. Quickly create your custom-made dream team with the latest and most authentic FUT moves, cards, players and consumables. Put your team to the ultimate test in the FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons Mode and experience the thrill of claiming titles that matter in the FIFA Ultimate Team Pro Clubs & Leagues.

    PlayStation 4 Exclusive Game Modes

    PlayStation 4 Exclusive Game Modes

    Get the edge over your rival managers and players to score more goals and win more games in the new FIFA Matchmaking. Now, on PlayStation 4, you can duke it out for the win in the first person, leveraging realistic physics to create a totally immersive matchday experience. Choose your battle on any pitch, and challenge your friends or other rival managers on the pitch, on the field or across the line-ups during an intense season of online club soccer.

    For the first time in FIFA, apply your choice of 25 unique Player Portraits. Mix and match different hairstyles and outfits with your preferred Player Portrait for a totally personalised experience. On PlayStation 4, you can even use the optional PS4 Pro to scale up the graphics of the Player Portrait to ensure a true-to-life on-pitch experience in every match.

    Play on your own pitch, in the other teams’ stadium, or on a friend’s pitch. For the first time, make the most of your favourite feature, creating a customised pitch in any pitch type to play FIFA in your favourite position. Now, play in the half spaces, take over the defenders or be a midfielder at the back. Use your super skills in FIFA Ultimate Team or turn to new challenges on Expert Difficulty in Career Mode.

    Now you can challenge your friends from anywhere you go. FIFA Mobile brings the best aspects of the award-winning FIFA simulation and mobile gaming together for endless hours of fun in the palm of your hand. Take on the challenge of the Ultimate Club, which starts in the Serie A with top clubs Juventus, Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich. Defeat your opponents on the pitch or in player battles.


    What’s new in Fifa 22:


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