To celebrate this technology, a new video features the game’s cover star – Germany’s 2014 World Cup champion Toni Kroos. Watch as Kroos demonstrates FIFA Ultimate Team mode’s newest features, including the ability to speed up a match by manually trading coins.

New Speed Accelerator introduces more player abilities. Players may now accelerate their speed to aid speed and acceleration, providing a more dynamic, spontaneous and agile experience.

New Conditioning features on FIFA Ultimate Team will give players more opportunities to acquire coveted player attributes. Conditioning allows players to improve their skills without earning new coins in real-life matches or playing online. Conditioning modes will include “Pass Master” that will progressively develop players’ passing skills and “Super Sprint” that will develop a player’s ability to run with pace.

FIFA 21 introduced “Adaptive Defending,” which enabled players to automatically dodge and time better their defending actions. Now, “Adaptive Defending” has been reinforced. It uses new visual and audio cues to allow players to time their attacking run when receiving a pass. Advanced Real Player Motion will take players closer to real-life play, reacting better to over-hit passes, off-balance shots and other unpredictable situations. This is made possible by one of the game’s core innovations – the Reality Gap Engine (RGE).

Fifa 22 Activation Code introduces “kicking properties” which give players better opportunities to “intercept” by receiving a pass or shooting. Kicking properties are used to suggest different type of actions depending on the character of a ball. Players can now use kicking techniques to either shoot or pass with better precision.

Players will also find a new shooting style, the “Finger Caress Shot.” This new shooting technique makes sense as the game has started using the player’s hand’s orientation to create a shooting animation that is closer to how a real player would shoot.

With FIFA 22, players can now create their own environments. With the addition of New Player Motion Editor and NEW Environment Lighting system, players will be able to create their own FIFA environments.

Those are some of the major additions made to FIFA 22. For more details, make sure to check out the FIFA World Cup 2018 FIFA 22 announcement trailer below, and read the official announcement linked after the jump.

A deep look into


Features Key:

  • Live experiences: Live out your dreams as a manager and a player in FIFA 22.
  • Rise up from the lower divisions: Make your club into a world power from the lower divisions, as you have to overcome obstacles as you tackle success.
  • Become your club manager: Create your own club or opt to represent a club in the game’s leagues and cup competitions.
  • Play as a Pro: Play as a real world footballer, using all the skills and techniques you’d use when playing against real-world opponents!
  • Make history with matchdays: Choose from several hot topics including big VIP Parties, Challenging Team Styles, Big Events and the Biggest Matchday
  • Keep track of your Trophy Hoard: Set your own path to glory!


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New, ‘Leading Aids’ AI

The new ‘Leading Aids’ AI takes every game to a whole new level. It combines artificial intelligence (AI) with an unprecedented partnership with OptaSports to deliver a more nuanced, intelligent play that sees the players and the opposition reacting to how each other plays.

Leading Aids – First time ever in a FIFA game

Leading Aids allows you to select a player and watch them do what they do with the ball every time they touch it. They either create a threat for themselves or are looking to set up a teammate or assist the opposition. Players pick and choose the route they run on the pitch in order to do what they are required to do.

Create Your Own Play Style

FIFA allows you to play exactly how you want to. With a totally new AI system, you can create and personalize your own footballing identity in each game mode. Players respond to how you play, making your team performance unique to you.

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What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • New Esteban Cambiasso, Diego Forlan, Roberto Carlos, Walter Samuel.
  • New domestic kits by Adidas, Nike and Puma.
  • New Adidas Training kits.
  • New pre-loved mode, now you can add an item from a previous FIFA if it is cheaper than a blank item.
  • New Steam Overlay option, including a new Christmas theme.
  • New orange kit for India.
  • New freedom kits.
  • New revamp of the worldwide multiplayer menus: expanded player reviews, machine hosted games to avoid server sharing lag & allow everyone on at once.
  • New FifaCoin system, unlocking masterclasses, personalised boots and alternate outfits.
  • Ability to buy player cards.


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Welcome to FIFA Ultimate Team™! The world’s most popular football game returns with new ways to play, all-new ways to challenge players and a new world of global competition.

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In Career Mode, players must decide how to develop their talent, train their players and build a balanced team.

In Story Mode, players take on the role of a professional footballer and lead their club through intense competitions.

In FUT Champions, players use the greatest football players in the world and compete in online leagues.

In FUT Draft Champions, fans battle for a chance to create their own pro team and compete online.

Wherever you play, the tools at your disposal – from improvements to physical attributes to animations and player control – will allow you to dominate the pitch as you perform at the highest level.

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• Draft in-game coins using real-world values.

• Wage epic battles in special tournaments.

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FIFA Ultimate Team™ is a unique, persistent gaming card system.


Unlock achievements by playing matches and collecting gold packs.


Unlock valor by playing matches and collecting silver packs.

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Unlock obsession by playing matches and collecting bronze packs.

Unlock obsession by playing matches and collecting bronze packs.

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