Read on for more information on the new technology, a first look at the Enhanced Be A Player mode, and a developer-only look at the new motion capture feature, Be A Player.

The Future of the FIFA You’ve Come to Expect

The FIFA that you know and love is always evolving.

Check out the trailer below to see a few of the game’s new features, and for a preview of the rewards you can earn by playing FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

Be A Player

Be a Player is a new feature that dynamically changes the overall feel of a player when he is in a match. Be A Player does that by adjusting the attributes of the player’s speed, endurance, acceleration and reaction time to optimize them for that specific game mode.

We will reveal more details about the Be A Player feature later this year.

Enhanced Be A Player

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is the backbone of the upcoming Enhanced Be A Player system.

Earn victories to get reward points. Use the points to improve your favorite players on FUT Ultimate Team to earn Ultimate Team coins. Buy packs with coins to add players to your Ultimate Team.

Our goal for the new feature is to provide a more personal game-play experience that will turn “You” into “Be A Player.”

Supporting the New Technology

To play the new FIFA you have come to expect, you need the new FIFA 22 game disc.

You will also need a PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, Xbox One or Xbox 360 console with an EA Access account, or an Xbox Live Gold membership in addition to your game disc to play the game.

PlayStation®4 and Xbox One players can also use the PlayStation®Network or Xbox Live community, respectively, to connect to their friends and compete against them in FUT.

FIFA 22 is a great game and a great addition to the FIFA family.

Supporting New Technology

We’re constantly listening to you. We want to hear what you think. And we love to hear feedback when new features, game modes and gameplay ideas are added to the game. Please take the time to give us your feedback!

Play FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) for EA SPORTS FIFA 20 features. Available now on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Xbox 360, or via Nintendo Switch,


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Play FIFA Game Series Now! Enjoy more of FIFA Game Series on PlayStation 4. Compete in matches and challenges both offline and online against your friends over PlayStation Network.* You’ll have access to all the best content including newly released FIFA Ultimate Team packs.* Gain rewards to use to build the ultimate squad, prepare for the World Cup, and compete in tournaments and exhibitions.
  • Show off your skills in 3-on-3 Online Matches with 64 players in Online Practice Matches.
  • Official Team of the Premier League from today until 28 May** 2019
  • 3+ days of game play limited time offer exclusive bonus content, rank up in your Pro status, and compete in the FUT 30 challenge – ‘The Big Game
  • Get in-depth player comparisons with the all-new Player Impact Metric – see exactly how a player will affect the matchday for your squad with up to 300 impacts.*
  • 150+ official kits across all leagues; all 99 jersey templates from Career, Pro, and Ultimate Team Packs; and the ability to unlock real-world upgrades such as premium name and number plates on FUT players.


Fifa 22 Free

EA SPORTS FIFA 20 has arrived on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

EA SPORTS FIFA 20 has arrived on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Welcome to EA SPORTS FIFA 20, where we celebrate and invite you to join us in an amazing journey through the emotional story of a sportsman, his club and the beautiful game.

Welcome to FIFA 20, the next chapter in the evolution of the ball that we all love.

FIFA 20 features football at its very best; and those words come from us.

Each year, we watch the development of the game and its brilliant players. But in FIFA 20, we’re now able to enter into the world of that experience and join the players themselves as they go through the intense journey of being a professional.

Building on the best gameplay and emotion of FIFA 19, we created a great partnership with the clubs, stadiums, federations, national associations and players.

Every part of FIFA 20 is now in the hands of you.

Every part of FIFA 20 is now in the hands of you.

As head of your franchise, you’re in the best position to express your own style to the game.

You decide how you want to run your club. You make big tactical decisions. You build your reputation.

It’s only when you’re in that position that you can truly appreciate what they’ve achieved.

And you get the chance to put your own stamp on the game.

The world of FIFA is vast and rich, and it’s your job to give it life.

The world of FIFA is vast and rich, and it’s your job to give it life.

See every nuance of our football; play in the world’s most iconic stadiums; and be in the thick of the action.

Join forces with the best FIFA players in the world, to compete against them or discover the next superstars of the game, and unlock their unique style.

More than ever, you’ll be able to show off your own ability to FIFA 20.

More than ever, you’ll be able to show off your own ability to FIFA 20.

Your name is Simon, and you run a football club.

Your name is Simon, and you run a football club.

As a manager, you’re responsible for your club


Fifa 22 Crack + Product Key Full

Become a global football superstar and own your very own squad of the world’s best players. Take on the role of a real manager and manage your team through the entire season, starting and finishing the campaign with your best signings and captain. As well as heading out on the pitch with your favourite team, take on the role of that superstar as you play the best solo games in soccer history.

Create Your Ultimate Squad – Create and take control of your Ultimate Squad. Choose and upgrade any XI of the world’s best players with every available position, role, and skill-set. FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM invites you to build the strongest team in soccer, with the most customizable gameplay features.

Players can create and customise their character as they progress through their career, with appearances, boots, kits, and attributes to match. They can control the ball using their feet or arms, utilise tricks and feints, intercept balls, and control the flow of a game with individual defensive and offensive techniques. Players’ traits and abilities are also affected by which position they play and how they are classified.

The new My Player
Presented as a series of playable tutorials, My Player provides a set of gameplay features designed to be easy to pick up and enjoy right away. Using My Player, you can customize your player’s appearance, choose the specific position you want to play in, and practice your skills to improve.

Improved FIFA Ultimate Team –
Developed from the popular EA SPORTS World Cup™ franchise, the FIFA Ultimate TeamTM feature is playable on both the Wii U™ and Xbox 360 versions of the game. FIFA Ultimate Team gives you the chance to be part of the World’s Best, and to earn and trade FIFA Points, digital currency that you can use to buy equipment for your Ultimate Team. Build your dream team from 22 of the world’s elite players, and compete in the UEFA Champions LeagueTM, BundesligaTM, Barclays Premier League™, La Liga, MLS, and Ligue 1.

Manage Your Club – FIFA Ultimate Team allows you to take control as a manager for your very own club, moving your players from one position to another to build the strongest team possible. Simply pick your players and your tactics – you decide how to play and how to win.

Play Solo – FIFA Ultimate Team invites you to a new era of solo play, giving you the chance to build your very own team from


What’s new in Fifa 22:


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