Having clear skin nowadays is the prime goal of everyone. But in today’s life, this seems quite strenuous. As it is well known to all of us that in today’s life everyone is busy with his/her work and no one has that much time for looking at their health. One of the most significant organs of our that covers nearly every part of our body is the skin. It is the prime goal of everyone to have healthy and soft skin. So, he/she looks young when they become old. But to maintain your skin in the present time is a difficult task, and nobody wants to perform such type of things. So, before starting talking about solutions, we first need to know about problems related to skin.

Common Face Problems;

1.Dry Skin: The most commonly faced problem in the winter is dry skin. It is the roughness of the skin that may cause scales or cracks on the skin. Common causes behind dry skin;

  • Dry environment,
  • Frequently washing hands,
  • Inadequate hydration,
  • Due to Continuous swimming in chlorine water, etc.

#2. Freckles: These are most commonly known as age spots or liver spots. These are flat brown color patches that appear over the face (especially near the nose and cheeks). The only solution to this problem is laser treatment, but if you don’t want to try, then there are some hydroquinone containing creams which are also powerful.

#3. Wrinkles: This face problem has mainly been seen at an older age, as this is also known as old age disease. But nowadays this problem is commonly seen in every third person at the age of 30-35. What the reason behind that, the reason is stress or use of many wrong cosmetics. So, we have to avoid all these types of things and try to do yoga or use natural-based cosmetics products for wrinkles free skin.

#4. Dullness: This is also a very commonly seen problem in present times, as we all are in exposure to bright lights, which is not at all a good thing.

Bright light causes dullness of skin due to continuous exposure of cells to it. The growth of cells reduces due to the high exposure of artificial lights.

#5. Aging of skin: One of the commonly seen problems like dullness of skin and wrinkles. The cause is the use of excess cosmetics on the skin or the use of the wrong cosmetics. One more reason is the lifestyle of today’s world is not so good and organic as the old world. Today people mainly prefer to eat junk food and all which is not healthy for them.

So, to solve all these types of common problems of the face, we have one solution for all of you which is pocket friendly as well as health-friendly. The product that I am going to introduce is Laurelle skin serum. This product is all about skin that how we can improve all the problems that we are facing in maintaining the skin.

What this product is about?

This product is simply an anti-aging cream whose work is to correct all skin disorders like the aging of the skin, dark circles. This serum mainly even tones the skin texture.

What are the ingredients present in the serum?

As we know, anti-aging creams are mainly made up of natural products. So, this cream is also made up of the same type of natural ingredients. The ingredients involved in the manufacturing of this product are; first is collagen and second is the peptides, and both are included in good amount.

What the use of these ingredients? These ingredients like collagen and peptides’ main work are to provide enough nutrition to the cells on the face. So, they start working finely and our skin starts healing up. These things also help the growth of new cells to reduces the dullness of the skin.

This product also includes some essential natural oils which help in maintaining the softness of the skin. These are all the needs that one needs to have beautiful and charming skin.

How to apply this serum?

#Step1: Firstly, we have to wash our face with any of the regular use facewash, then try to wipe it out with cloth so that it get dry soon. This helps to open the pores on the face and ease the work of serum to get into the skin.

#Step2: The second step is to take pea-sized serum on the palm and then rub it on the hand. After rubbing, try to apply the serum to the face in a gentle way. With the help of fingers try to rub it on the whole face, just like a face wash. When you have applied it successfully on the face then you have realized that your skin starts tightening up and this is the sign that serum starts acting. This tightening will help in increasing the blood flow inside the face cells and also help to look the face bright.

How many times we can apply it on the face?

There is no such limit to use the product as this product has no such side effects on the skin. But according to the researchers, this product can be used twice a day for better results. One time before going to bed or one time in the morning. If this is applied in the right manner for nearly 3-4 weeks then your skin automatically starts healing.

But if you feel at any stage of use that this product has no effect on your skin then you can increase the usage to nearly 3-4 times a day. Then you will surely see the results.

Major Advantages of this product over all other products of this segment;

  1. This product helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. This will also help in fighting problems like acne and freckles.
  3. This is also effective on pimples.
  4. This improves the pigmentation of the skin.
  5. This also helps to maintain the stiffness of the skin instead of converting it to saggy.
  6. This helps in maintaining the hydration level of the skin cells.

This is all about the serum that how it works on the skin and it is a naturally made, scientifically tested product. So, choose the right thing for your health, be a knowledgeable person, and don’t behave like fools.


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