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The Elden Ring – An Action RPG that makes use of the Elden Engine (OpenGL, D3D, etc)

Elden Ring is an online fantasy action RPG game for PC (Windows), published by Cygames Inc., Japanese company. It was released for PS Vita in Japan on September 28, 2017.

Elden Ring is a game that allows players to do jobs for the NPCs, collect items and weapons, and enjoy an online action RPG world that connects you to other players.

In addition to the main quest, you can freely play as an adventurer and start a new game by repeating the main story. You can freely change and modify the character’s appearance, and even equip weapons and magic.

■ Playing As An Elden Lord
In addition to quests and fighting, you can also do jobs. There are a variety of jobs, and more jobs will be added based on player’s play style.
1. Do Job × 18 (19 during beta period)
(Thief, Warrior, Mage, and Valkyrie are currently available)
In the Elden Ring, action is expressed by blocking and counterattack.
While you can freely attack and block any time, the chance to get a fight increases as you raise your level.
You can equip magic to your character to join an online party to cooperate with other players.
Magic that can be used in offline combat will not be affected even though you are online.
2. Visit the Guild × 4
Once the trial period ends, you will be able to visit each guild as long as you have a high enough level.
You can join a guild, equip items, and fight with other players.
The guild leader can be invited to other players’ guilds so that you can go with them as a member.
In the guild, you can receive requests, equip items, and fight.
3. Battle Equipment Gains × 4
Occasionally, you can obtain equipment based on the items you obtain or fight with enemies in a certain level.
4. NPC Prop Talk × 3
You can talk to the NPCs to earn items and receive information about the world.
They have different topics, and when you talk with them, the topics and the contents of the topics will be different.

■ Characters
A Trial Period Begins
1. The Game
At the beginning of the game, you will be able to select the “trial period” setting.
Your character will level up


Features Key:

  • A smooth gameplay action RPG in a mythological themed Open World
  • Roleplay where you play as a hero with a “godly” attachment
  • Fight Legendary Creatures and experience new adventures
  • A multitude of weapons, armors, and equipment designs
  • Open world graphics and incredible battles
  • A variety of different areas where you can rest, have adventures, and battle
  • Play with your friends in Global Dungeon Raids and share the Arena
  • Plan your route, fight to the top, and annihilate your foes
  • Freedom of combat system, create your weapons with different styles
  • A selection of weapons, armors, magic, and equipment to master
  • Unique battle system that allows you to enjoy strong and fast battles
  • Various quests including cooperating with other players
  • Take part in Dynamic Battlegrounds, and challenge other players in the Arena.
  • Enjoy large-scale maps full of missions and battles
  • Various maps with great visuals and battles
  • Story with Cutscenes full of emotion and unforgettable cinematic scenes
  • Battle enemies to obtain various equipment*
  • Fight and immerse yourself in the immensely fantastic world of the Rune of Giving
  • Fly through the skies or explore the lands below
  • Unique action RPG deeply connected to a cultic and mythic narrative
  • Complete dynamic quests to improve combat skills and story
  • Distinguish the strength of your enemies with a new Special Attack system
  • High-quality monster graphics, battles with unique effects, and functional sound effects.
  • Rune of Giving Key Features:

    • A Free Open World MAP with lots of dungeons and large-scale maps
    • Create your own character in the Open World of the Rune of Giving
    • Battle with the iconic demons called Garuda, which are mythical creatures that occupy


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      “Are you ready for the greatest RPG ever? Well, it’s here! If you are a returning player, congratulations you’ve come home! If you’ve never played an RPG before, we’re thrilled for you to come play a pretty awesome one.”
      Kotaku, USA

      Rise, Tarnished:

      * There are scattered moments where the story somehow hits you straight between the eyes. This is the kind of thing that makes you want to raise your hands in the air, beaming.

      * You will hear many different types of music in your travels. There will be emotional songs, there will be songs that make you want to jump in the air, there will be a song that will make you cry. It’s all part of the world that you’re traversing. And it’s all done so very well that they barely feel like a design choice, or an afterthought.

      * Pretty much every path you can take to the next location seems like it has a meaningful decision to make. Even when you’re just saving time on your journey, you have different options. This is something they don’t do in a lot of games, and it is one of the things that stand out to me about how much I want to go back.

      * Combat is still something that separates modern RPGs from most other games. It’s the kind of combat that feels fun and challenging. I don’t have to worry if I’m doing enough, I have a clear goal and I have the proper tools to achieve the goal. And all of this work goes to fantastic lengths to keep the boss battles challenging rather than a chore.

      * There’s a whole lot of content. If you get tired of a certain part, then you can just go somewhere else and do something else. The world is alive and people and monsters will react to you, so it’s a much more immersive experience than just being a disembodied 3D object traveling between three dungeons.

      * In a world where we’re told how awesome a certain character is, and when I look at what they’re doing, it’s always like, “Why are you so special?” Now, I’m not saying that I don’t believe in the character. I don’t believe in them in the same way


      Elden Ring Download

      How to play ‘Rise, Tarnished, Become an Elden Lord!’
      ▲ [ESC ROUTES]
      ▲ [UI]
      ▲ [INVENTORY]
      ▲ [MISSION]
      ▲ [ABOUT US]
      ▲ [FANS]
      – [ABOUT US]
      ■ [AUTHORS]
      ※ * [LOGO]
      ■ [THE MISSION]
      ■ [PLAY AREA]
      – [ABOUT US]
      ■ [FANS]
      ▲ [FEEDBACK]
      * [FANS]
      ■ [COMMUNICATION](#contacts)
      – [CONTROLS]
      ▲ [JOYSTICK]
      – [MISSIONS]
      – [PRODUCTION]
      – [FEATURES]
      – [OTHER SUPPORT]]
      ■ [FANS]
      ■ [FEEDBACK]
      ■ [FAQs]
      ■ [QUESTIONS]
      ■ [LOGO]
      ■ [THE MISSION]
      ■ [PLAY AREA]
      ■ [MISSIONS]
      ■ [PRODUCTION]
      ■ [FEATURES]
      ■ [OTHER SUPPORT]]
      ■ [FANS]
      ■ [FEEDBACK]
      ■ [FAQs]
      ■ [QUESTIONS]
      ■ [LOGO]
      ■ [THE MISSION]
      ■ [PLAY AREA]
      ■ [E


      What’s new:

      The Notorious Thug engine is based on the same engine used in the MMORPG Lineage II, and it features a realistic and beautiful graphic style. Multiple events occur every day, and those events serve as an excellent basis for the drama, allowing you to enjoy an intimate experience.

      For those who love action RPGs, this is the game for you. We hope to hear your opinion on how online play will play out in the next update. Thank you!

      *Thanks to Light and Area Light for translating this. Please refer to the announcement for more information.