Name Elden Ring
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Rating 4.87 / 5 ( 1163 votes )
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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.87 / 5 ( 1163 votes )
Update (14 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Fantasy Action RPG With Combat Conveyed to the Extreme
  • A Recurring Vanishing World Connected by a Belt that Has Magic
  • Possess the Gear of a Unique Weapon and Armor
  • A World of Savory Heroes Full of Prestigious Items That Have Collected over the Ages
  • New Strategic Battle System
  • The Gamepad Also Functions as a Base of Operation
  • Additional information is available at the Elden English page.

    Elden Ring Global sites:

    • Elden Japan
    • Elden Hong Kong
    • Elden Taiwan
    • Elden English
    • Elden International
    • Elden Korean

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    ◆ Theme music based on the dream of the Lands Between (freeware):

    ◆ Music of FATE / CASTLE

    ◆ Course of Escort Robot /1st

    ◆ Adventure Theme

    ◆ Frontier Theme

    ◆ Warrior Theme

    ◆ Magic Effect

    ◆ Battle Theme

    ◆ Travel Theme

    ◆ City Theme


    ■ How to play like a Dragon Warrior
    Choose your favorite weapon from your equipment, enter a battle and explore the Lands Between with your friends.
    ※ ※ ※ ※ Equipment Items and Characters
    ※ ※ ※ ※ ※
    “El Deves”, one of the six races of the Lands Between, your character is equipped with arms and armor that reflect your race. An El Deves character can use the same weapons as other El Deves as well as race-specific weapons.
    Start with your original equipment.
    Equipment that was obtained in a previous version of the game has been changed to a new equipment that is powerful and equipped with a variety of bonuses.
    ※ Original Equipment are limited and price will increase when the characters rest.
    Equipment and skills shown in the character information page are the maximum level. For other stats such as the decrease of the skills or the gear’s level, refer to the character’s Equipment Page.
    ※ Magic and Skills ※
    ※ Characters of the most advanced ages have the best knowledge, using experience points for the skills and for the magic as well. When the skills and the magic surpass the experience points, the magic power of the character will be decreased, and the skills will experience a decrease in the spell points.
    ※ As a legend, once you play in a certain amount of time, the magic power and skill points will increase.
    ※ Artes can be chosen for each skill.
    ◆ Option for characters in the Greater Age
    Depending on the hero’s age, you can allow the skill to only be used once every ten days. (Locked skill)
    ◆ Training of EX skills
    By spending a certain amount of time, the EX Skills (EXP) can be improved, and the increase of stats can be improved.
    ※ Equipment Items and Characters
    Locations in the game are free from any restrictions. You can freely cross them.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    On the official website,

    DirectX:Epstein’s Ghost (Escape from Absurdity #3)

    Archives Available

    November 27th 2008:An Epic Journey from Novel to Film

    Doug and his friend Ollie are blessed with a new friend after Ollie survives a plane crash and is rescued by a man called Bryce. He soon learns that Bryce is notorious for stealing and posing as others and he is unfamiliar with the man. Soon, Doug finds himself on an epic and life-threatening journey. On his path, Doug meets a beautiful and mysterious woman who he discovers is on her way to a film shoot. Through all of this, he is searching for clues to his past and the whereabouts of his brother.



    Join with us the escape from Absurdity series, We are trying to explain the meaning of life, the universe, the meaning of various life events and even using our wit as well, as Steve Armstrong points out. We all wish it were real. It would be very nice if a film from this series were made in time for the new movie about philosophy. No hard feelings towards any author’s new book. Keep reading and enjoy!

    ReadDoug’s Reviews & Ratings

    Doug’s Review of
    Epstein’s Ghost (Escape from Absurdity #3) (2.5 Stars) by
    John McKenzie
    Read by Jason Dunstan
    1 was not satisfied
    4 Nov 2008
    AMAZING!! I have a friend who likes to play word games with me. He’s seen this film and we’ve been enjoying his descriptions/analysis and he thinks it might be one of the greatest films of all time. This is without question the reason we decided to produce this film. This movie really has changed my life. Sometimes “life” is not beautiful, is not always perfect. We’ve all seen things… done things… that have been very limiting, very depressing. Sometimes life is much bigger than that. I’m unverricht and permanently just thinking about my


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