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The new fantasy action RPG series with a guild-based multiplayer experience.
Create your own character

Character creation system based on the new action RPG genre. Select your race, gender, class and skills to customize your character.
Explore the far east

Vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. Explore the Lands Between to find new surprises.
Epic story for everyone

A wide range of characters and stories will tell of the history of the Elden Ring Serial Key and the Lands Between.
A worldview that is greater than the sum of its parts

A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
Create your own character, and become an Elden Lord

Select your class and skills, and decide your gender to begin your adventure in the Lands Between. Enter the world of the Elden Ring Cracked Accounts with a party of characters that you can freely develop.

In-depth, exciting online gameplay

A wide range of characters and classes will be released. With the online feature, you will be able to meet and raise your own character party. Battle with other parties and connect to other players to travel to the Lands Between.
Open world game that fills the empty space

Tackle tasks in vast regions filled with unexplored areas.
Cast a spell to boost your stats!

You can cast magic that boosts your stats.

• A Vast World Full of Excitement
• Create your Own Character
• Become an Elden Lord and Explore the Far East
• An Epic Drama Based on a Mythology
• Upcoming Game Features
[Features for the Guild Mission]
* Character Advancement System: build your own character
* Guild Invitations: join other groups and participate in events together
* Expanded fantasy world with New Locations
* New magic skills, such as Finds, Mastery, and Mega Finds
* Crafting Materials may be found in the Far East
[Features for the Menagerie]
* New Skill: Stamp: Stamp your passports and expand your world
* New weapon: Hwanggwangerwisan “Avatars of Conquest”
* New monster: Super monsters
* More monsters are added to the existing monster list1. Field of the Invention
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Features Key:

  • Learn to develop your character in a wholly customisable world!
  • A vast, branching map full of adventure!
  • Find valuable items as you play, and use them to refine your equipment and deepen your character!
  • Develop and hone your fighting skills!
  • Use a wide variety of magic to battle the threats you encounter!
  • Elden Ring store features:

    • The back catalog of Elder Rune Factory and Elder Rune Factory 2!
    • A character-specific costume!
    • Your purchase history will be preserved during updates!


    Elden Ring for play online – YARD SALE – DEMO!

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    Thrust yourself with the face


    Elden Ring Crack + With Product Key For Windows

    “The first time I saw it, I was astonished by its gorgeous visuals. Maybe it’s because the game was showing it off at such a low resolution, but I was still shocked by how superb the cutscenes looked.”


    “The graphics are remarkable.”


    “It’s so artistic and impressive that it often gives me the chills.”

    Click on the images to view the comparison

    “The vivid graphics are amazing” – GameTrailers

    “Lightning cuts through the sunlight and shoots out from the water, making for an eye-catching visual”


    “The game’s artworks are all highly polished, and the backgrounds are some of the prettiest landscapes seen in the industry”

    Hit the ground running

    No need to be outfitted before you leap into the world, so it’s easy to start playing in the midst of battle.


    Having all the different equipment fitted on your character body lets you feel a sense of warmth when moving around.

    Gameplay Close-up

    The gameplay emphasizes a focus on more action-packed battles and the freedom to get creative.

    Beautiful Characters

    The game’s characters are designed and animated with love. The artwork makes them easy to remember and bring a smile to your face.


    A plethora of goals to reach

    The story is divided into four parts. Each part has a different theme and goal, as well as missions that you can run to reach that goal.

    The dashing hero

    You’ll embark on a series of quests as a hero who aims to reach his goal. Gain EXP as you work your way through your story.


    You’ll get to know the character that you choose to play as as you gradually advance through the story.

    Expansive World

    Explore a wide variety of dungeons, with different environments from field to underground, and even a special dungeon fit for newlywed couples.

    Dive into the World

    An astonishing amount of attention has been devoted to giving you a user-friendly and visually stunning world.


    The Emissary, the last hope of human existence, has fallen into the hands of the Elden and is expected to


    Elden Ring X64


    Rise and rise in awe of the power of the Elden Ring! This is an adventure game in which you assume the role of the Vanquisher of the Dark Lord of Tarnished, a character summoned by the Elden Ring.

    Rise into a new world inhabited by amazons! In the Lands Between, vast landscapes and a great diversity of natural environments create a world in which amazons and the people of this age share everything.

    Tactics and tactics in the vast world of the Lands Between! Through the strategic use of the strengths of the Vanquishers, you will need to push the battle to your advantage to shatter the Dark Lord’s plans.

    Deceive the enemy with spells and traps! The depths of the Lands Between are hidden in ways that defy logic, and you must take advantage of every opportunity. In order to use the talents of the Vanquishers, you must explore and determine the weaknesses of the enemy.

    Desperately defend yourself with traps, spells, and weapons! In the Lands Between, monsters with ancient magic and fearsome warriors stalk you at every turn. You must develop your own tactics and use the skills of Vanquishers to save yourself.

    Enjoy the thrilling story and enjoy the vast world of the Lands Between!


    The player as a Vanquisher of the Dark Lord! The Dark Lord, the great enemy of the Elden Ring, has broken free of his fortress in the Lands Between. The Vanquishers are charged with crushing the Dark Lord and returning him to the Elden Ring.

    Become an Elden Lord with the power of the Elden Ring! Choose one of several characters, become an elf, and develop your character!

    Start with a character and develop your Vanquisher through battle. When you clear the game, you can choose to level up to return to the starting point.

    Energize through battle! As the Vanquishers of the Dark Lord in the Lands Between, you battle together with other Vanquishers through a shared “Companion System” in addition to the “Turn-based mode”.

    As the Vanquishers descend further into the Dark Lord’s fortress, they encounter more challenging battles and more surprising surprises.

    Face off against the forces of darkness! The Dark Lord of the Lands Between has assembled an overwhelming army.

    Defeat the enemies on your path, and clear


    What’s new:

    The Elder Scrolls Online is set to release on PC on March 21 in North America and on March 22 in Europe.
    The Japanese release will take place at the same time on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

    In addition to the games, Microsoft also announced that it will launch digital TV, selected ESPN programs such as ESPN Xtra, and news programs for the Xbox 360, with news often being displayed on the lock screen and tailored to the place you are in. The Xbox 360 also supports cloud gaming. Details will be provided in the future. (Report by Masashi Alamiri)

    Windows Live Streaming is a system for panasonic Alpha RP-HONOLULU
    to actively share the user experience.

    Windows Live SKYPE

    Skype 3.0 Air for Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to seal the 3.0 version. Fixes bugs in the 3.0 version of Skype.

    Xbox Wireless Keyboard

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    Free Download Elden Ring Crack

    1)Download release(Install folder) to your PC.2)Start CDE, click on “New” and select “Setup”.3)Run the CDE setup and install3.1)When the CDE setup finishes, Run CDE and choose the installation folder (recommend to install game and d3dx9.dll and d3dx11.dll together)3.2)Run CDE and Install3.3)Start the game, follow your guide to install the game & patch3.4)After installation, Run the game and install the game and create a shortcut to Start the game4)Enjoy


    *In case of errors or weird issues in the installation, could you send us the file that you installed?

    *Don’t forget to include the following:

    log file

    situation screenshot

    detailed description of what happens


    *Main Features:

    This game has…

    – Multiplayer mode with asynchronous online play

    – Challenging, Action and RPG elements in a fantasy setting

    – Acquire the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord

    – Over 140 different items (including furniture)

    – A vast world with open fields, dangerous places and huge dungeons

    – Different environment, monsters and characters

    – A variety of skills

    – Customization, such as appearance, equipment and weapons

    – A detailed story developed through numerous short stories

    – An in-depth and engaging story

    – A variety of dungeons

    – Unique and engrossing features

    (RPG elements: Dark and non-random battles, Equipment, Status)

    – Unique Online Play that loosely connects you to others

    – Offline play (without a connection to the Internet)

    – Local Play (only possible through LAN)

    *Game Updates:

    – Bugs fixed

    – UI and sound improvements

    – Balance adjustments (including special skills)

    – New items added

    – Events and stages added

    – Various improvements and optimizations

    *Updates Notes (for old version)

    – 1.1.3

    – New Function: You can save your game, save a squad or save and load the item catalog

    – Fix: The response from the Steam client was too slow

    – Fix: The sound wasn’t clear


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    Experience hours of action when you play yourself in fantasy worlds. Immerse yourself in the wide world of your choice in a rise, Tarnished, world-of-dreams.

    The power of the world of an Elden Lord. Radiant, celestial light.

    Elden Ring is an amazing fantasy action RPG game of a new generation to share your dreams. Create a powerful hero in your fantasy life to save the world in a rise, Tarnished world-of-dreams.

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    • Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, or Windows Vista (with recommended updates enabled).



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