• Features of the Rightsystem

– Dueling – In battles where one person has the initiative (attack first), you can attack with different attack spells, including powerful support skills.

– Map Seal – You can seal the Map in order to enhance your adventure space. Additionally, you can freely move and use a variety of items in a sealed region.

– Explorer’s Greeting – The Adventurers who pass through this world can meet and speak to the people in the land and say “Explorer” to announce their arrival. And the adventurers who say “Explorer” can be greeted with a variety of Greeting Effects.

– Quest Seal – Increase the strength of the Adventurer who completes the quest and receive a quest seal. You can acquire items from Quest Seals.

– Seal Lock – Acquire a Seal Lock to receive a set bonus. You can use the Adventurer’s favorite equipment.

– Art Seal – Design your own character and get to know the development environment.

– Payback – Increases the risk for attacking members, and as a result, you will receive Payback. You can eliminate them with a double-edged sword or bow with a heavy damage ability.

• Character Design and Appearance

– Gender and Skin Color

– A Variety of Hair Styles and Colors

– A Variety of Characters

– Customize Your Own Character

– Change the Custom Color of Your Face

– Style and Color of Clothes

– Accessories

– All of the above can be combined

– Premium Clothes

1. The main story is tied into the lore of Westeria.

2. You can change your hair color and face by changing the Custom Color of Your Face.

3. Your hair style and skin color can be changed by changing the hair style and skin color of your face.

4. Feel free to customize your own character to your liking.

5. As you progress, you will receive a variety of new accessories and clothing.

6. Take a look at the other adventurers on the world map.

7. Design your own character and get to know the development environment.

8. Encourage others’ feedback in the User Opinion page.

9. Create your own customized map seal and receive a new function.

10. Receive the highly detailed effects of the Escalation system when you engage in duels.


Features Key:

  • Discover a World: A vast world full of diverse situations. You can explore freely in a world where open fields and huge dungeons are seamlessly connected. As you travel around, the joy of discovering new and unfamiliar threats await you. As you discover these new threats, you can grow in power and be, at times, an opponent on par with other Elden Lords.
  • Brandish Power: As you rise, you will put your sword into the heart of monsters, unleash your magic, and grow in power. Brandish your power with skill, and don’t hold back!
  • Crafting Elements: As an important part of fantasy RPGs that forge swords, armors, and weapons, you need to upgrade your equipment to equip or wield stronger weapons.
  • Fast-paced Combat: Old school turn-based combat that allows players to play freely. Attach the battle animation of your foes and defeat them!
  • Lively and Unique World: A large world with beauty and danger. Battle foes that are different from other fantasy battles. With skill, you can enter the world of the fantasy action RPG.
  • Epic Evolving Storyline: A multilayered story about the transition of the elf world to the Wizard World. Your actions will decide the future in the Lands Between.
  • Elden Ring System Features:

    • Elden & Wizard Domains: Take advantage of “Elderly” and “Wizard” worlds that feel nostalgic with a full of magic and aging. Convert your NPC assistants to your ally to gain the power of the Elderly World, and become an Elder Lord with the power of the Wizard World.
    • Equipment System: Equip powerful weapons, armor, potions, and equipment. Craft the best gear for your character’s power level, or customize equipment to use powerful combinations.
    • Crafting Elements: Craft weapons, armor, and equipment that can be used under various situations. Craft powerful weapons, armors, potions, and equipment to strengthen your attacks, save your health, raise your stats, and raise your power.
    • Evolve Combat: Turn-based and combat that give you the feeling of watching the movements of your foe. A system where you can release the


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      Embark on an epic fantasy drama in the Lands Between as you bravely go on quests and engage in various online battles!
      Embark on an epic fantasy drama in the Lands Between as you bravely go on quests and engage in various online battles!
      You can combine a variety of gear including weapons, armor, and magic and develop your character according to your play style.
      You can also find an online part where you can form alliances with other players and participate in battle together!
      Stellar Legend Online
      (Dev. & QA Lead)

      Director, T. Square

      Lead Designer

      Takayuki Nakamura

      Art Director, Takayuki Nakamura

      Character Designer, Shinji Takai


      Satoru Okada


      Hisayuki Suzuki


      Wakako Makino


      Yuki Hiyama


      Shiho Kimura


      Kako Suzuki


      Ai Hisao

      Animation Director

      Akito Okamoto


      Tomoki Koyanagi

      Animation Producer

      Akira Honda

      Character Animation Director

      Sato Kogonada


      Takuya Matsumura


      Seiichi Tamura


      Katsumi Kato


      Naoki Kosugi


      Hisayuki Suzuki


      Suzumi Ishida


      Miho Mimura


      Taichi Hashimoto

      Character Animation Director

      Naoki Hashimoto


      Hideyuki Sakuma


      Atsuko Iseki


      Tsuyoshi Okazaki


      Kazuo Ishizuka


      Makoto Karashima




      What’s new:

      Thu, 26 Jul 2015 19:17:57 Z2015-07-26T19:17:57Z
      >The new action RPG World of Mana for the PlayStation 4. I’ll be getting my copy shortly. I’m still playing Ebenezer Scrooge and planning my next move.
      The game tells a story through a fragmented series of short levels. The whole world seems to be an amorphous mass, even though the solid background gives the impression of being three-dimensional, with mountains, deserts, and forests. However, in-game objects, as well as background audio in general, sometimes feel like the world is one-dimensional.

      Though the whole world isn’t one-dimensional; the audio behind the actual words spoken in the game is often designed to have an adequate tempo.
      Between movements and interactions, it gives a certain sense of novelty to the game. It is, for example, possible to notice the rhythm of the soundtrack change between sections involving dialogue with characters.
      This game is essentially a series of short stories with harmonious flow, along with cinematic cutscenes. The words used to convey the story of the game are the same as those in the original anime.
      The particular tempo used in the cutscene is maintained almost exactly throughout the entire game. So the atmosphere is generally like that of a movie.


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      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • Click on the download button below
    • The setup file will automatically start downloading. After this, you will receive a “Setup Error” message, followed by a please restart the application message. Close or double-click on the “setup file” to restart the application (Restart the program instead of closing).
    • The Installer will start working. Please await instructions.
    • In the setup.exe file, double-click on the “Procedure Icon.”
    • You will have to restart the application after the game is installed. To do this, choose “Restart” in the Windows “Startup” configuration. You will be prompted to Restart the Game.
    • Double-click on the manifest file.
    • Click on the blue button “Start Game.”
    • OPTIONAL: You can upgrade from a Newer version of the game. Simply Right Click on both files (game and manifest) and select “Upgrade.”
    • Click on the “I accept the Terms of Use” and play
    • Log into the game and download an additional file. You can place this file in the Skyrim/Binaries directory. Using game select and the “Select Files” button, locate and select the file. The play version will be added to the directory. To update the current version of the game, select “Update” for the “.bin” files. Once you are finished updating “bin”, save game and uncheck it before starting Game.

    download page




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