SecureMyUSB Crack+ License Key Download For PC [2022-Latest]

SecureMyUSB Free Download allows you to hide external USB devices from other computers you are connected to. Click “show” to restore devices. Click “hide” to disable devices.
• Hide USB storage devices that are connected.
• Add a profile entry for the user and list of devices to hide.
• Select not to autoreboot after hiding.
• Set hot keys to show and hide devices.
• Auto hide hot keys on wake-up.
• List of USB storage devices to hide.
• Status of devices.
• List of disconnected devices.
• Delete hidden USB devices at user’s request.
• Permanently delete hidden USB devices after a user request.
• Disconnect hidden USB devices by network status.
• Password protected hidden USB devices.
Version 1.1.1:
Released: 09-Nov-2008:
Added: options to create any number of items with any key ID. Also does not expire or force the user to refresh. Instead it just changes the hotkey function and allows to save a list of hotkeys (completely untraditional)
Version 1.1:
Released: 17-Oct-2008:
Added: reset status on wake-up
Added: auto hide hotkeys


“Jammy” said:

the thing with working in an environment that exposes your computer to other individuals is that they can simply conduct harmful actions towards you by simply plugging in a USB flash drive full of malware or even steal information from you.

I agree.
But you can
1. “Lock” your computer;
2. lock the contents of the USB drive with “SecureMyUSB”

I think most users these days have some malware either on their systems or the portable USB drives

Very interesting. It seems to lock everything that appears on your screen when the USB device is connected. That makes sense, although I don’t like the bit about locking the USB too. Still, I guess it’s better to have it that way than not at all. Thanks for showing me!

Very interesting. It seems to lock everything that appears on your screen when the USB device is connected. That makes sense, although I don’t like the bit about locking the USB too. Still, I guess it’s better to have it that way than not at all. Thanks for showing me!

Thanks for the reply!

SecureMyUSB Crack [2022]

Protect your PC by setting passwords for USB ports! You may never have to worry about an infected USB again! Using a USB drive, which is useless without USB password protection, can be a big headache.
A single file implements both USB port password protection, as well as USB drive protection. Once the program has been loaded, a dialog box appears where you can configure the default password and the password that will be displayed on the USB port, when the drive is disconnected.
When the USB is connected, the protected USB port will show up in Control Panel as a blank USB port, while the drive’s contents will be inaccessible. You can freely use the drive with the password set up, without worrying about the safety of your files. The protection for USB drives is even more important when they are used for Business and Personal purposes at the same time.
Important – There are two passwords! The password for the protected usb port, and the password for the actual drive itself! If you use USB hard drives that are shared between your Computer and other devices, this might allow someone else to read your files. So, if you are sharing a USB device with your family, make sure that you use a strong password for both the Port and the drive. The passwords that will be shown for the USB port are saved in the registry.
Some Windows Updates may delete USB Port Protection. As such, you may be required to delete the registry keys if this happens.
The main Features of USB Port Password Protection:
– Protects USB ports
– Use the same keys you use for Control Panel on the USB ports
– Protects storage drives connected to USB ports
– Customize the password for a USB port, or both the password and the display on the USB port
– Protects USB ports in Windows XP and Windows Vista
– Customizes the Password for USB devices – Windows Vista: Run this software as administrator
– Disable USB Port protection when USB drives are inserted in Windows XP
– Supports both shared USB devices and USB port protection for a single user
– Only one USB port is protected at a time
– Password protection is easily changed in any version of Windows
– The program will not load if the protective functions are off
– The registry is configured to remember the last used settings
– The protection is configurable
– USB Drive protection is configurable as well.
– Protects USB ports on Windows XP with the current Control Panel password, or that you enter in here.
– Protects USB


System guard: Non-invasive protection that is invisible to the user
Easy to use
Detected and blocked different USB devices
Anti-malware scanning capability
Perfect multitasking guard
Anti-malware protection for 100%
Make your USB ports secure, it is impossible
Where to get?
Online | 3Flats

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What’s New In?

SecureMyUSB does not suffer from the limitations of the majority of solutions, as it will allow you to easily lock or unhide any USB drive. Its simplified interface makes it one of the easiest solutions for those who do not need sophisticated features, but do want the added security of USB ports.
SecureMyUSB Publisher:
The author of the application published it on TheForge, a site for sharing free code and utilities. The developer has not been very active in supporting the development of the application, and it doesn’t seem like he has plans to release any feature updates. However, the GitHub repository provides the source code of the application, and the application is available for Windows.

Author’s review

SecureMyUSB has a really simple interface. You’ll be able to switch between the security states of different USB devices with the “Switch USB” option. You can select a USB drive with the checkbox before typing in the password. You’ll be able to set a password for the drive, as well. A protection status of “active” or “inactive” will be shown by default when you first launch the tool. You can also switch to “always active” mode, if you want to protect your USB stick with a password every time you turn off the computer.
The application’s security is very effective: when you launch it and check the box that it activates, any USB drive connected to your computer will be completely invisible from the OS. The option can only be removed by re-launching the tool, but this cannot be achieved without a password. Its process is fairly small and takes less than 2 MB of space on your system.
The most important drawback of the software is the absence of useful features that users might need. The developer has not added any significant options for adding new drives, besides the “Switch USB” option, which isn’t very practical and often requires a keyboard shortcut to access. Also, no help file is provided, which is very unfortunate. In conclusion, this is the best free anti-malware solution I’ve found so far, but the few, basic functionalities present in the application are not enough to be considered a satisfying anti-malware app.

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SecureMyUSB sounds like a good idea. However, in my experience USB devices have been very unreliable when it comes to data transfer. If you do a lot of file transfers you will certainly run into trouble

System Requirements:

Windows 10 / Windows 8.1
Intel CPU
1 GB of RAM
1 GB of HDD space
Nvidia GTX 1050 / AMD RX 460
2 GB of RAM
2 GB of HDD space
Nvidia GTX 1060 / AMD RX 470
Main Features:
3D engine
Gameplay replays
Advanced character customization


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