Dry skin in summer looks weird, doesn’t it? But it happens! Dry skin has always been associated with the winter season, but it is not uncommon to notice dry skin in the summer as well. I wonder why this happens? Thanks to the drought in dry weather. Both can negatively affect the health of your skin, making it dry and dull. What’s the solution? Well, some homemade face moisturizers can make your skin soft and supple.

Ready to discover some of the best homemade face moisturizer recipes? Let’s go!

HealthShots reached out to Dr. Monica Kapoor, celebrity esthetician and director at FLAWLESS Beauty Clinics, to find out the best homemade face moisturizers.

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Before that, read why skin dries out in summer:

Dr. Kapoor said the summer heat can cause the skin to dry out from within, resulting in dehydrated skin on the face and body. Excessive exposure to heat and the sun without adequate SPF protection can damage the skin’s protective barrier function, causing transepidermal water loss. This leads to dry skin during the summer.

Here are other causes of dry skin in summer:

* The skin also loses excess water through perspiration, which eventually leads to dehydration. It can get worse if we don’t drink enough water.

* Sitting in air-conditioned rooms can prevent the skin from trapping moisture, causing dry skin.

* Skin can also feel very dry if you spend a lot of time in the pool to beat the heat. Chlorinated water is known to rob the skin’s natural pH, leading to dehydration.

Clogged pores are another cause of dry skin. Clogged pores clog sweat glands and cause dehydration.

Another reason for dry skin in summer is taking a hot shower. Bathing in hot water in the summer leads to dry skin and leads to dehydration.

* Although exfoliation is a good idea in the summer to exfoliate dead, dry skin, over-exfoliating the skin can lead to dryness. The peeling skin reacts to exposure to heat during the summer and causes dryness. Try to use only a homemade scrub.

Here are 4 face moisturizers that you can make yourself to keep skin hydrated:

1. Glycerin and rose water

Use glycerin and rose water to make a DIY moisturizer because glycerin on the one hand can revitalize and moisturize your skin, while on the other hand, rose water will not only provide your skin with extra hydration but also give you a glowing complexion.

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how to make it: To make this moisturizer, mix 100ml of rose water with 1 teaspoon of pure glycerin. Use this lotion to moisturize the skin of the face and body.

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is a magic potion for your skin. It contains Vitamin A, C, E, B12 and many minerals that are also beneficial for the skin. In fact, the amino acids in aloe vera can help you moisturize your skin well and make it more elastic.

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how to make it: Apply aloe vera gel or juice to the skin and then wash it off with plain water after 20 minutes. It will moisturize the skin without making it greasy.

3. Honey

Honey is a powerful natural moisturizer that helps attract moisture to the skin. It also makes the skin smooth and smoothes rough areas. Suitable for all skin types.

face moisturizersHoney is a great natural remedy! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

how to make it: To make this moisturizer, dilute honey with water and apply it on the body. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with normal water. If you like, you can mix honey with orange juice and apply this mixture on the face, neck and arms to make them soft and smooth. Then wash it after 20 minutes.

4. Moisturizing scrub (olive oil and sugar)

Sugar works as a great exfoliating agent that can help exfoliate dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin, preventing them from drying out. When added with olive oil, it can help you get an even and glowing complexion.

how to make it: To make a moisturizing scrub using a mixture of olive oil and sugar, mix ½ cup of sugar with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. You can also add an essential oil like lavender, which adds a natural scent and can promote relaxation. Next, rub the scrub gently on the skin, then wash it off. Use a soothing moisturizer to maintain the benefits of freshly exfoliated skin.


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