Here is the festival of colours. But like last year, we will have to cancel large gatherings and public celebrations. However, this should not dampen our mood. Holi is also about forgetting the pain and celebrating life’s little pleasures. A little bit of colour, a lot of sweets and quiches and a little bit of water – what’s Holi without all the crazy fun? The good thing is that you can always celebrate the Holi festival at home with your family and close friends because, as they say, even two make company! So what is stopping you? If your fear of skin damage is nothing to worry about, we’ve got you covered with this skincare guide.

Holi is a time of celebration and fun as we celebrate the festival of colours, we also face many skin problems like rashes, pigmentation and not forgetting to remove stubborn colour. Here are some tips to follow as we celebrate the holidays.

To keep you looking after your skin in Holi, HealthShots spoke to Karan Bhaskar, MD, expert skincare consultant, Clinique India, to distribute a complete guide to Holi skincare.

Here’s your pre-Holi skincare routine

Bhaskar suggests that the more coverage you have, the less likely the colors are to damage your skin.

  1. Wear opaque clothing. Wear long sleeves that cover your skin. A physical barrier can be your first line of defense against harsh colors and environmental damage.
  2. Before playing, apply oil and moisturizer to your skin. A moisturizer that contains ceramides would be the right choice because it creates a barrier between your skin and the outside elements.
  3. A good dose of SPF 50 sunscreen on the face and all over the body is essential. Choose a sweat- and heat-resistant sunscreen that won’t budge with splashes of water and colors.
  4. Apply several coats of clear nail polish to your nails before you go to play Holi unless you want to paint your nails for another 3-4 months.
Practice the safety of sunscreen before heading out to play Holi! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here’s your post-Holi skincare routine

  1. After playing Holi, use a cleansing milk to make the colors come off easily.
  2. Once the colors are removed, follow with a suitable moisturizer to eliminate dryness.
  3. Homemade packs help skin restore pH balance and luminosity. Make a paste of ripe papaya, add lemon juice and a tablespoon of powdered milk and apply it evenly on the face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.
  4. You can put a can of coconut yogurt to remove all the color from the scalp. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons milk, 2 tablespoons honey, 1 tablespoon olive oil (optional) and 2 tablespoons coconut oil, just mix all the ingredients in a bowl and put them evenly. Leave it on for at least 25 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.
papayaGet a natural glow with this papaya pack! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The do’s and don’ts of skin care in Holly

  1. In Holi avoid peeling the skin 48-72 hours before and after Holi. Even rubbing the retail color can cause permanent damage to the skin.
  2. “Avoid all skin and salon treatments like cleanses and facials for a few days before and after the festival,” says Bhaskar.
  3. Treat dehydrated skin caused by excessive exposure to UV rays and heat with a moisturizing night mask.
  4. Also use hydrating eye and lip masks to soothe the skin.
  5. Bhaskar suggests using organic colors and avoiding those that contain copper sulfate, lead oxide and mercury sulfate.
  6. Use very gentle and skin-friendly products before and after playing Holi.


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