The Korean skincare industry is all about perfecting and maintaining glassy skin, but there’s one ingredient that shouldn’t be overlooked: Snail mucin. Well, in the world of vampire facials and bird poop facials, snails aren’t so scary to achieve a complexion ‘more radiant than a Pole Star’. To get that out of snails, you don’t really need to let them crawl on your face. A lot of skincare brands have made it easier because they package snail extracts for a less intense experience.

For starters, a snail is the slimy secretion of a snail. Now, considered a rave ingredient in the Korean beauty world, snails are released when the poor creature is under stress. Its viscous texture and due to the fact that it is the secretion of a living organism, there is a curiosity about snail mucin. But when it comes to great skin, there’s nothing crazy, right?

Here’s what an expert has to say about snail mucin

Dr. Navneet Haror, skincare expert and founder and director of the Derma Miracle Clinic, spoke to HealthShots about this skincare ingredient.

“It may seem strange at first, but snail mucin contains glycolic acid that acts as an exfoliator to remove dead cells from your face. It also contains enzymes that nourish the surface layer of our skin. The copper peptides in it help fight wrinkles by filling it with collagen.

yes! This powerful liquid has many benefits for people who want healthy looking skin without any of the hassle or pain associated with getting adequate amounts through food sources alone.

Well, I gave in to the urge to treat my fine lines and plump up my dry, dehydrated skin, I gave it a try. The market is flooded with all kinds of products like snail secretion moisturizing face cream, snail essence and more. Thanks to those, I didn’t have to make eye contact with the slime maker himself!

Flax seed benefitsAchieve smooth and glowing skin by including the “uncommon” skincare ingredient in your routine. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here are the skin changes I saw after using the snail for a month:

  1. I applied snail essence twice every day. However, on certain days, I occasionally missed it. I started using it reluctantly at first, but the first signs of hydration kept me hooked!
  2. I started by cleansing my skin before applying snail mucin. It was easy to apply the nutrient-rich consistency to my face. It absorbs quickly into my skin which I later cover with a thick moisturizer. This 3 step routine is the perfect combination for my damaged skin repair treatment.
  3. However, his longstanding claims about curing hyperpigmentation issues like scars or dark spots caused by sun exposure (you’re not alone!) have felt a bit murky.
  4. The one thing this gross, but awesome snail did was it even out the skin tone on my face. My forehead looks less tan than it already does!
  5. One month is too early to comment on its anti-aging benefits. But I see a lot of potential in its collagen-boosting qualities which can improve elasticity and prevent wrinkles in the long run.
The hydration provided by snails is a bomb! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

According to Dr. Harrow, snails have the following benefits on the skin:

  1. It helps treat acne, which is one of the most common skin problems. Its antibacterial properties help prevent acne.
  2. Effectively fades hyperpigmentation, reduces redness and evens skin tone.
  3. It also possesses anti-aging effects that help conceal fine wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead.
  4. Snail mucin contains hyaluronic acid that helps moisturize and tighten your skin.

Should you rush to buy skincare with snail mucin?

Not surprisingly, this ingredient has become so popular in the skincare industry in Korea. Although an elaborate ritual, some people may find it time-consuming or expensive. People who have tried it swear by its benefits for their skin because it contains glycolic acid. You can use a glycolic acid serum instead in case the texture of the snail bothers you. Using snail mucin for dry skin might be impressive, but its anti-aging benefits seem far off. So, count your patience before you get it on your own!


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