Viscount, Elder, Imperial, and Royal Lords, and all the other titles of nobility, are pure fantasies. You, too, can be an honorable and devoted Elder Lord, or a wicked Elder Lord, as you wish. It’s all up to you.
The game system and the setting have been designed by a team of creative staff. Please enjoy the game by realizing your fantasy.

I do not wish to know.
I do not wish to see.
I do not wish to feel.
I have yet to realize my dream.
I set out.
I shall reach my goal.
I shall hold nothing back.
If a monster, which is a low-level creature, is attacking, its odds of winning is greater than your chance of surviving. If a monster strikes in a timely fashion, its odds of winning are greater than yours. It takes only a few rounds of fighting to make you lose completely.
Sometimes, you must act to save others at the expense of your own life. Usually, you should avoid such an action. For example, you should avoid taking out an enemy immediately after you have been attacked.
You are a human being. That means you must act to save the life of another human being. However, you should not sacrifice yourself for another person. You should die in the middle of battle, if you are attacked. If your party members are attacked in the middle of a battle, you should save them at the expense of your own life.
In this game, there is a chance that you will be lost in a dungeon, fall in a fire, die after falling from a height, or die due to some other cause. Your life will be terminated. However, your character cannot die at an arbitrary point.
In that case, your character loses all of his or her remaining stamina. Your character cannot resurrect until the stamina is restored. You will be transformed into an NPC. You will have the option to restart the battle.
When your stamina has been depleted and your character cannot resurrect, you will transform into an NPC. You will have the option to continue in a party. If you continue, you will have a chance to earn a resurrection item. If you choose the resurrection item, your character will be returned to life with a certain percentage of his or her stamina. If your character has no stamina


Features Key:

  • • Dragon’s Armor
    Craft your own customised set of enchanted armor made from dragon scales.
  • • Dragon Shield
    Available in the five Rings and are hand-crafted shields requiring the enhancement of the Dragons’ Life Essence.
  • • Unique Experience
    Equip weapons and heal using rare items of magical power.
  • • Dragon
    Maintain a support-type character via the Dragon, which can be operated by the Mouse.
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    Rise, Tarnished: Dragon Lord is the sixth and final game in the Rise of Tarnished (ROT) series. After releasing Rise, Tarnished: Dragon Lord on the PlayStation Vita in December 2016, Rise of Tarnished’s development team has decided to cease development on the PlayStation Vita due to the expiration of the console’s life cycle, which, according to the team, is not long enough for the completion of the game.

    Game features

    – Immerse yourself in a massive world: A vast world filled with a number of dungeons and fields with different situations.
    – Experience unique gameplay: A ROT game in which you choose one of three different characters and play as a member of the enemy or allied forces in the battle field.
    – Create your own character: Customize the appearance of your character freely. Equip your own weapons and armor and master magic to develop your character according to your play style.
    – Become a powerful commander: You can get information on the enemy forces and their strengths by exploring a vast world and defeating them in the field.
    – Become a strong warrior: Increase your strength in your battle encounters. And also, gain new skills by training your character in the Dragon Lord.
    – Discover a multitude of destinations: A variety of dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs and a large free world filled with new items to find.
    – Gorgeous CGs and SND: Bright and smooth graphics, rich and beautiful CGs and SND.
    – A fun story that reflects the expansion of the fantasy world: A myth which is being renewed in the world between the ends.
    – Adorable chibi graphic design: Adorable chibi graphic design.
    – Choose your own ending: The background music changes based on your choices and the path you will take.

    Category: Role-Playing Game

    License: Copyright 2016-2018, TARNISHED STUDIO INC.

    Platform:PlayStation4, PS3

    Release Date:June 19


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    A list of all game rules can be found on the rules page:

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The “Throw Me Down!” Release contains a Bonus Pack of the Alien type, which can be summoned from the item Bag.
    Cast of Characters


    Alleged to have great power when matched with “ancient obsessions,” he seems to be the embodiment of an “obscure potential.”


    Nickname: Eye of the Bear
    Did the tundra bear witness to the rising of the sun?

    Nickname: Dowser of Caves
    He bathes himself in the unique power of his ancestors in the wilderness.

    Nickname: Lady of Flame
    He is the Keeper of Prometheus, the god of Fire.

    Nickname: Mighty Jaguar
    While he was in the evil body of Rieiro, he worked alongside the sorcerers, the Shaman, and the Elden Knight.

    Nickname: Zephyr The Hurricane
    His talent surpasses that of the others, and he has much knowledge about the mysterious power known as “Shartongue.”

    The Ranger
    Nickname: Sharp-Toothed Wolf
    Cast Zephyr as the “Firebird.” The “Ranger” and other great Elden Lords gathered together in Tarnished’s body.

    Nickname: The Princess
    The strongest of the group, she was born with the respect of her people as the previous Empress.

    Nickname: Ray of the Dragon
    Wields powerful magic that reduces the damage dealt to enemies. His “counter” action exploits the weaknesses of enemies.


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    How to download/install ELDEN RING Game:
    1. Connect your FGCU Games PC to your TV to turn on Blu-ray/ DVD player
    2. When prompted, insert the disc that contains the installation file
    3. Browse to the download folder
    4. Double click the setup file
    5. Follow the prompts
    6. Press F2 to close the setup
    7. Press F5 to start game

    License of ELDEN RING (for free):

    How to use the ELDEN RING Game(for Pc):

    1. Download the game ELDEN RING or crack the game
    2. Install the game and start the game
    3. The game screen will appear, after that click “Yes”
    4. The game screen will appear again and click “Yes”
    5. You can now play the game.
    6. Uninstall the game from hard drive after playing

    How to use the ELDEN RING Game (for Tablet):

    1. Download and install the game ELDEN RING or crack the game
    2. Start the game from the home screen
    3. The game screen will appear, after that click “Yes”
    4. The game screen will appear again and click “Yes”
    5. You can now play the game.
    6. Uninstall the game from the storage after playing


    You are recommended to read the Posting Rules and other Guidelines before posting your game.
    If you have any questions regarding the rules, then you may contact us at admin2[at]fgcu[dot]org.The ACT Government is revealing its plans for a new city development on the old Enmore military base to be known as Camp Enmore.

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    New Games Wizard A.I.
    The Wizard AI features dozens of AIs for 3 modes, and runs alongside the game. It can be a great assistant in defeating dangerous monsters or finding rare items.

    System Requirements:

    Minimum System Requirements
    OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8
    Processor: Intel i5 – Intel i7
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 420 / AMD Radeon HD 6750 / Intel HD 4000
    DirectX: Version 11 or better
    Hard Drive: 25 GB available space
    Additional: Sound Card and Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5
    ABI version and threading libraries: Use the latest.
    Difficulty: Intense.
    Controls: Mouse only.


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