After logging on to the MMO, you enter a new world of Elden Ring! Discover a vast world full of adventure and excitement with your party of adventurers. Craft a powerful avatar with the items that you obtain through various activities and with acquired skills. Not just an ordinary avatar, you can develop your own play style in order to maximize your character’s power and become a powerful Elden Lord.


[Important Notice]

☆ MMO Action RPG 「Elden Ring」

The game is updated each Wednesday with the “Weekly Update.”

The “Class Change” function cannot be used unless you log on on the day of the update.

The “Class Change” function is used to change the class of your character or set of characters,

and cannot be used for the purpose of purchasing additional classes, so you need to log on the day of the update.

Classes, accessories, and capes that have been changed with the use of the “Class Change” function will be

changed when you log on the day of the update. However, any skill levels that you already have will remain the same.

There is no daily limit on “Class Change” use.

For the sake of the players who want to change their class due to a schedule conflict, we are not

able to change their class without a penalty.

If you require some of the classes in the game, we recommend purchasing them before the “Class Change” function is available.

(Representative) Product Situation at the time of the update:

■Class Change Class Change fee

▼Class Change is available for all classes

▼”Class Change” fee is 30,000 IP

Regular Class Change “Class Change” Class Change fee

▼”Class Change” is available for all classes

▼”Class Change” fee is 70,000 IP

■Battling in dungeons and story quest

▼Permanent stats are available when you break the seal

▼When you complete a dungeon raid with the same party members as before, the characters will have a permanent stat increase on subsequent days of access.

▼2-Day Access Dungeon “Breaks the seal”

▼Permanent stats are available when you complete a dungeon raid

▼As the seal breaks, all characters have a permanent stat increase.



Features Key:

  • Brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord.
    Use the powerful magic of the Elden Ring to battle formidable foes, take down dangerous beasts, and recover valuable treasures.
  • Customize your appearance, equipment, skills, and active class to feel yourself an Elden Lord.
    When you reach different levels or find different equipment, your battlefield strategy changes, and your fighting prowess improves.
  • Destroy cities and monsters, discover hidden memories, and explore your own missions to expand the legacy of the Elden Ring.
    You’ll encounter unexpected and uncontrollable tasks that test your skills. The easier ones are a fun challenge, but the more difficult ones test your patience in Tarnished.
  • Elden Lords are small group of heroes who create and improve the musical wealth of the islands.
    Complete various challenges and bring happiness to the world.
  • Elden Ring release date in the United States, Europe, and Japan:

    • February 29, 2018! (JP: March 1, 2018)
    • Japan: February 29, 2018
    • United States (California): March 1, 2018
    • United States (Massachusetts): March 7, 2018
    • Europe (Italy): March 8, 2018
    • Europe (Germany): March 15, 2018

    Elden Ring playable characters

    • Young menial – A young boy who is supposedly human but in reality, is a member of the Elden Ring.
      Has the potential to become an Elder.
      Sworn to act the second Mother Flame
    • Old manial – An old man who wields a sharp sword.
      A powerful enemy that killed the Mother Flame’s father.
      Fought against the Elden Ring until the end.
      A skilled swordsman with absolutely no fighting techniques. Will forever protect the Elden Ring
    • Elderial – An old man who wields sharpened berries of magic.
      A wise man in full knowledge of the Land Between that wields extreme patience


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      Scala: Need regex to find a quote in strings

      I have string in Scala and I need to find all occurrences of “quote”, even if they’re inside other strings, and exclude them from result.
      E.g. [“test”, “”test””, “test”] should return me [None, [“”test””, “test”]], i.e. both [“”test””, “test”] elements.
      I’m using regex in Scala, but unfortunately I don’t know how to achieve that.
      I am thinking about something like



      As you have tagged your question with regex, I will answer the question in Regex. Use

      in your Scala. Replace the (?!\1) by your specific logic for matching, you should be able to get what you want.
      The Regex:

      Finds all characters that are not the characters ” followed with a ”
      After that, it stops, and only finds when the character is followed with the same character again, but not the same, as seen in the positive lookahead (?!\1)

      Scala Code:
      val s = “”test”test”test”test””test”test””
      val str = s.split(“(.*?”(?!\1)”.*”)
      val result = str.toList

      The Console Output:

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      • Assemble a party of up to four members
      Create your own party of four members from twenty types of characters, including warriors, mages, rogues, and assassins.
      • Grow your Character!
      Customize your character as you use your special abilities and their equipment. Your character’s appearance, equipment, stats, and their skills all have their own parameters to modify.
      • Three-dimensional dungeons
      A number of dungeons have been built to break down and test the fortitude of your character. Your enemies will challenge you, and beat you down to their own levels.
      • A Variety of Skills
      There are over 600 skills for you to learn and employ. You can use them to manage quests or fight enemies.
      • An Epic Drama
      A multilayered story where your decisions and actions will influence the storyline.
      • An asynchronous online play
      Join the other players to battle or communicate.

      Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

      This is the game that started it all, as a spiritual successor to the classic Ys series. This is not a traditional RPG, but a sci-fi/fantasy action RPG with a strong focus on the story and characters. The gameplay is simple, but very easy to learn, and the lovely aesthetic is sure to put a smile on your face.

      This game represents the best of the best of the Wildstar/Rift/Fantasy-style 4x games. I was sure of it from the very beginning. I hope to give it a chance, for one reason and one reason alone: It’s on the Nintendo Switch.

      Please give it a shot. One playthrough is enough for anyone looking for an easy and retro experience on the Nintendo Switch.

      The game is really short, and very linear. But honestly, I can’t be too critical on that. If the game is 10x longer with the same content, I would still gladly play it.

      It’s a game that tries to combine the RPG genre with the action genre, and it succeeds in doing so. And to top it all off, it’s on the Switch, and that’s a much-desired piece of trivia that I hope you understand.


      The story follows the main character, an aspiring hero


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      data-share-text=”The New Fantasy Action RPG from NIS America! @NISAmerica @20Games”

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      With an eye toward creating a unique online experience that allows you to blend seamlessly into the game world, we’ve decided to host asynchronous online play for AI reasons. In other words, the game doesn’t require players to be online at the same time. It’s an element that wasn’t previously considered a core part of online, but we think it’s an important element for online.


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      The Game
      The game is now available on NIS America’s website.

      For our new release, we’re thrilled


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    Elden Ring:

    Release Notes:

    • Transitioned to the IS-7 engine: IS-7 is changing the multiplayer gaming.
      It’s a new experience for players.
    • Upgraded various underlying source: to tackle crashes and bugs.
    • Improved UI: Improved gameplay that has been added.
    • Fixed various bugs: Fixed several bugs which caused inconveniences.
    • Fixed various hardware issues in multiplayer game: Fixed various hardware crashes, abnormal display issues, and abnormal game issues.

    Direct Download:

    • Windows:Link for 1.4GB.
    • macOS:Link for 1.2GB.

    Elden Ring Guidebook:

    • Link for 5.2GB.



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