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The world of Strife is changing. The Son has taken over. Formerly, the Son was a gentle, beautiful power. With the days of peace and happiness behind them, no one can ignore the Son’s shadow that is slowly spreading over the lands. Our Elden King and three Elden Lords, each possessed with the emotions of people of two worlds, are waiting for the time to break into the Son’s stronghold and face the Son head on. Strife is entering a new age.


The story of Strife is born from the myth of the Elden Ring Crack Keygen. In the Lands Between, there are two worlds: the Sin, a world with darkness and despair, and the Rimel, a world with light and hope. An enigmatic and powerful group, the Elden Ring Full Crack, is entrusted to maintain harmony between the two worlds. Once, the Elden Ring Product Key was summoned by the Elden King. The Elden Ring was powerless, though, and the Elden King was forced to leave in the face of rebellion.

Three Elden Lords who had chosen to stay by the Elden King are left to lead the Elden Ring, hoping to change the land of the Elden King back to the way it used to be. These Elden Lords bear the strong emotions of the Sin people and Rimel people, striving to maintain harmony between the two worlds.

The Elden Lords, as their name implies, play a significant role as the story unfolds. Through their emotions, they can communicate with people of the Sin and Rimel worlds. Through the interactions between Elden Lord and people of the Sin and Rimel worlds, the story unfolds.


The pattern game system introduced in “RUINER” is adopted in “HELRISE”. The combination of expressions and actions taken by Elden Lords and the patterns that develop due to their interactions all play an important role in the game.

Game features

• Asynchronous online play

Players from both the Sin and Rimel worlds can join together to take on the Elden Lords in “HELRISE”. As a result of this, players of both the Sin and Rimel worlds can feel the presence of others and partake in a collaborative adventure, regardless of the time they live in.

By interconnecting players through a variety of modes, “HELRISE” enables players to experience the presence


Features Key:

  • A fantasy story set in the Lands Between, shaped as a story of multiple characters in a multilayered story.
  • A vast world with a variety of situations and huge dungeons, seamlessly connected by a variety of routes.
  • Fully customizable characters, with great freedom of choice.
  • Customize the appearance of your character and combine armor and weapons as you see fit.
  • Possess a huge character-driven online role-playing game where the characters in offline play may meet.
  • Traditionally, role-playing games are constructed to allow the player to choose and interact freely with every aspect of the game world, to participate in an epic adventure from beginning to end. Shadowverse addresses the player with an unprecedented combination of a satisfying story and open-ended choices. In addition to the expansive single player role-playing, Shadowverse also includes the daily card trading season and the competitive online arena.

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