The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a new, free-to-play digital collectible card game based on the legendary universe of The Elder Scrolls. Featuring 40 legends, numerous spells and a robust gameplay mechanic, it’s the perfect addition to any Elder Scrolls fan’s digital collection.


• Hack & Slash: Fight in real time with an arsenal of characters and a variety of cinematic-quality animations.
• 40 Legendary Heroes: Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace. Leave a legacy worthy of the power of the Elden Ring.
• A Vast World: Explore vast environments that have been imagined by the art director to give a new interpretation of the ancient worlds of The Elder Scrolls.
• Join Us: Connect with others on the official Elden Ring forums, or join us to share your first impressions in the comments section.
• How Do I Play? The UI of the game is optimized to support mouse and keyboard play. Learn more at
The Elder Scrolls: Legends is the official digital collectible card game of the The Elder Scrolls franchise. As one of the most popular digital card games of its kind, with millions of fans across the world, the game provides a thrilling and easy-to-learn card battle experience for Elder Scrolls players of all ages and skill levels.
El Greb Software is a studio specializing in digital card games and MMOs, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Since its founding in 2010, the company has developed a variety of successful games and project for the PC. SOFTWARE
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Features Key:

  • Encounter your Old Friend, Lorelei
  • An action RPG with lively story in a dark fantasy world in which graceful characters live to enjoy life.
  • Hugely diverse environments, scenery, and dungeons.
  • Behold the intrepid battles of the Runespear Guild!
  • Welcoming key features, such as a large environment, and active interaction between characters
  • Ten leveling areas, but a vast number of places where you can become powerful.
  • Elden Ring Features:

    • A believable fantasy world
    • AI that will support you on a challenge level anywhere from beginner to expert
    • Fully custom characters
    • Two different ways of class creation, and a huge number of backgrounds, weapons, and armors for them to equip
    • Open world with fast travel, and puzzles to solve
    • World Dragon and Reality Dragon.
    • Diverse, large, friendly hunting lands
    • Multiplayer that matches and enhances your living together with others to over the world.
    • Online game that will support many other players and will encourage you to share your state with others
    • Story that expands as you play so you will be excited and delighted again and again
    • Variety of various situations that you can encounter
    • Take various quests to get to know an Elden Lord

    The Ensouled Realm of the Elden Ring

    The Ensouled Realm of the Elden Ring is a world of ancient mystical beauty in contrast to the harsh world of the Lands Between. The Elden Ring and the Lands Between are at constant war. But the Lands Between often break the bonds between the magical power of the Elden Ring and the lands of the Ensouled Realm. The Lands Between proudly has never felt the touch of the magic of the Elden Ring. It befits the Lands Between to be a playground for their ferocious bullying.

    Even in the Lands Between… there is a mysterious


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    “ArhzVerno has created an amazing game. With its wide range of gameplay, it has something for everyone. It is not a game just to look at, and what you can do in this game in the end is also amazing. The world is gorgeous, the graphics and UI are crisp and clean, and the soundtrack is outstanding. It is an incredibly polished game and it’s really worth the price of admission, but the replayability factor is only high if you’re a fan of RPGs.”

    – Polygon

    “For those that enjoy fantasy action RPGs or are simply looking for a new game, this is the one. It may not have every character class you’ve ever needed, but that’s no problem. The combat and item system is solid, but it doesn’t encumber the player too much. Everything is accessible and this game feels a lot less like a grind than most other games out there. Final Fantasy 14 is a very rich game, but it’s completely over the top as well.”

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    “One of the best fantasy RPGs I’ve played in a long time.”

    – 7.9/10 GameSpot

    “The Best RPG I’ve Played in a Long Time”

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    “One of the Most Surprising, Entertaining, and Exciting Fantasy RPG Titles of 2014”

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    “A great strategy RPG from Square Enix that’s taking me back to my RPG roots.”

    – CNET

    “With a very polished interface and a deep enough combat system for anyone to enjoy, there is a lot of enjoyment to be had from this game.”

    – Modojo

    “The action role-playing game brings the entire JRPG experience to virtual reality, and its best moments come from simply exploring and getting lost in the journey.”

    – VentureBeat

    “It’s a deep, rewarding, and entertaining fantasy experience that’ll please fans of the genre and anyone who just likes a good RPG.”

    – USGamer

    “It’s a remarkable game that feels like a classic fantasy RPG, but it also does a remarkable job of reaching out to new fans of the genre as well.”

    – GameZone

    “I never expected to like a fantasy RPG as much as I


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    ・In the gameplay aspect, Rise, Tarnished, the player will experience an action-filled fantasy world, wherein different action techniques and combat skills are combined to achieve a dynamic combat strategy.

    ・The game features a soft-AI system that aims to create an interactive, natural game that allows the player to master his or her own strategies.

    ・In Rise, Tarnished, a character’s progress to the next level is related to the percentage of the challenges that the player has completed. The higher the challenge percentage, the higher the character will level up.

    ・As the player completes quests, he or she will gain more experience. Based on the experience, the character will advance to the next level, leading to a sense of progress with every new level.

    ・A variety of weapons, armor, and magic are available at the player’s disposal. The player can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic to create his or her own signature fighting style.

    ・A memorable and epic plot unfolds through the game’s many different types of quests.

    ・Online, players can travel together in the same party with friends. Players can chat and discuss various topics and quests in the game world.

    ・A new social game with amazing graphics will give players a new experience!

    ・In Rise, Tarnished, as an MMO, the game will feature a variety of PvP and play-by-group games.

    ・A free-to-play concept is in place; players will be charged a small fee for certain items as they advance in the game.



    In addition to the “Elden Ring Game,” Square Enix plans to update the game regularly. We are preparing to release the updates at the end of the year. The first update will be a brand-new enhancement. Please keep an eye on the game’s official website and for more details. Please visit: to learn more!


    Ride, Tarnish, and become an Elden Lord.

    The Story Begins.

    Novel Chapters that are Completed.

    Special Scenes

    The Fight against the Dark Elf and the Holy Elf

    Let’s Learn More about Worlds that Have Passed Away.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    In collaboration with クロスフェイス

    Japanese company クロスフェイス (Kuromax) designs and manufactures high technology products in the field of mobile game, network technologies, and mobile communications.


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    Elden Ring is a standalone action RPG inspired by the Clash of Clans franchise which will allow players to build a settlement, battle with neighbors, claim new territories, defend their own kingdom against external attacks and level-up and progress through quests while building their kingdom and army.

    In the game, you need to defend your own territory from external attacks and level-up and progress through quests while building your kingdom and army.
    In the game, you need to defend your own territory from external attacks and level-up and progress through quests while building your kingdom and army.

    Elden Ring is very easy to play, how to play:
    1. Click on the “Play” button on the home screen to begin a game.
    2. Look at the beautiful-looking leaderboard to see which players have completed the best-looking settlements, the most-renowned kingdoms, the strongest armies, and the most top-tier weapons. The more points your settlement or kingdom gets, the better. The best players are selected and rewarded accordingly.
    3. Earn myelium through quests, raids and building and upgrading your settlement.
    4. When the castle wars are approaching, your kingdom will be crowned as the best.
    5. A variety of characters are eligible for battle. Your castle warriors include normal warriors, leaders, archers, spell casters, wizards, to name a few.
    6. The quests you earn will be useful to fight the opposing forces. You can do monster attacks, kill monsters, complete the caravan missions and earn rewards such as myelium, gold, and weapons that will strengthen your kingdom’s defenses.
    7. As you level up and get more powerful, your attacks become more effective and the amount of youelium your monsters drop increases.
    8. Capture the enemy’s territory through the war system. Either be victorious or lose; whichever comes first.

    War System

    Capture the enemy’s territory by capturing the enemy’s castle and scoring at least 3,500 points. Once your castle has been captured, your settlement receives 1,000 points (excluding any points from the castle) and your castle upgrades.

    Capture the enemy’s castle by capturing his castle and scoring at least 1,500 points. Once your castle has been captured, your settlement receives 1,500 points (excluding any points from the castle) and your castle upgrades.

    Free myelium in each battle to upgrade your kingdom and get stronger


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    The New Fantasy Action RPG.

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    • A Vast World Full of Excitement
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

    • Create your Own Character
    In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.

    • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
    A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.

    • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others
    In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.

    How To Install & Crack:


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