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PyRx is a comprehensive and reliable application that aims to analyze drugs, reactions and molecules in an intuitive interface.
PyRx enables medicinal chemists to run Virtual Screening form any platform and helps users in every step of this process – from data preparation to job submission and analysis of the results.
While it is true that there is no magic button in the drug discovery process, PyRx includes docking wizard with easy-to-use user interface which makes it a valuable tool for Computer-Aided Drug Design. PyRx also includes chemical spreadsheet-like functionality and powerful visualization engine that are essential for Rational Drug Design.
What’s New in PyRx 5.1.4:
– Updated example data sets
– Improved docking assessment and visualisation
– More intuitive and stable cursor positioning
– Improved data retrieval by scanning every cell in a column in real-time
– Improved performance when attempting to delete unwanted files from the PyRx installation folder
– Performance improvements in analysis jobs and other operations
– Increased compatibility with Django1.8
– Improved compatibility with Python3.6
– Various improvements and code clean-up

pRx Python Script Repository v8.0 is now available at the Flat Earth Society website! Read the Download Information section below for more information. The download includes all previous pRx Script Repository releases plus the latest Python scripts from v7.6, v8.0 and v8.1.
Recent improvements in the pRx Script Repository v8.0 release include:
– New tool, PyRx, for VSD
– An ability to run pRx Script Repository jobs using in-house data or from the Flat Earth Society wiki on the web
– Ability to use multiple input files per job
– Improved error handling when attempting to use unsupported symbols in pRx Script Repository jobs
– Various improvements and code clean-up

BioPyRx is an open source software that can be used to run biological VSDs. This VSD was originally developed in the Spanish company Actelion, S.L. and has been recently modified to include the most recent molecular descriptors and annotations. BioPyRx can be downloaded and modified as usual.
A FAST analysis of the same molecule will produce significantly different results than in a FAST analysis using BioPyRx. The two applications used independent implementations, the ligand based (model) input files, and the protein

PyRx Free Download [Latest-2022]


A Docking Wizard:
PyRx automates virtual screening, providing two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) tools to search for new chemical entities.
PyRx also provides an easy-to-use interface to perform virtual screening in a Docking Wizard, where users can save time and get results quickly.
A library of well-characterized reference compounds (REF compounds), enzymes (enzyme), binding conformations (ligands) and transformations (ligand-enzyme pairs) are pre-configured and ready to use.
PyRx also provides an unlimited number of grids to search from (15,000 grids in the default grid file). Users are free to define their own grid files and perform searches quickly and efficiently.
A wizard-like interface prompts users to select from a predefined number of REFs, ligands, and enzyme conformations, and then guides users to pick ligand-protein pairs in a checklist-like fashion.

Visual Data Explorer:
PyRx allows users to visualize their data in an easy-to-read way by adding a chemical spreadsheet-like functionality and a powerful visualization engine.
PyRx uses chemical formulas and drawings to represent the compounds, reactions, molecules and grid points in the ligand-enzyme pairs.
Besides that, PyRx supports addition, deletion, copy, sort, and rename of cells. Users can generate as many sheets as needed for data manipulation.
PyRx enables users to make powerful statistics by taking averages or calculating standard deviations. It also allows users to assign names or select multiple columns in a powerful spreadsheet-like manner.
Multiple pages and views (in a chemical spreadsheet-like fashion) are supported. Users can change page views and rearrange the cells on pages.

Job Submission and Analysis:
PyRx is compatible with the following job submission and analysis tools:
– Concurrent Job Submission Using Linux and Windows Computer Cluster
– aMole (
– AMI (
– ActivityBase (
– ADT-Analyzer (
– CDD (
– eDirectory (
– Schrödinger (
– Tide (www.2d-ip

PyRx Download For Windows

PyRx is an open source, Java-based, and menu-driven software that is available for Windows and Linux platforms. The program enables the user to perform virtual screening against drug libraries containing 700 molecules such as natural products and FDA-approved drugs. PyRx is free from any license agreements and it can be downloaded at
Other features of PyRx include sophisticated statistics and reporting, and docking to protein and ligand that can be done manually or automatically. PyRx can also be used for drug discovery and development process:
Screening against a molecule library
Identification of reaction centers
Screening against a protein
Identification of hot spots and sub-sites
Structural interaction analysis
Rational Drug Design
Design of novel synthetic molecules
Identification of hot spots
Identification of reaction centers
Visualization of protein-ligand complexes
Sub-site analysis
PyRx SQLite
There are two versions of PyRx available on SourceForge: the “stupid” GUI version and the version packed with SQLite-based database (PyRx SQLite).
Both versions support the following platforms:
Red Hat
Operating System Requirements:
– Java Runtime Environment
– Java Development Kit version 1.5 or later
– Linux or FreeBSD
– Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/NT/2003
– Oracle Solaris, Sun Microsystems
– PyRx
PyRx use:

Safeguarding the integrity of data is a critical factor in any relational database system. Maintaining data security and integrity is a key part of every database product. To do this, an inherently safe and deterministic data storage mechanism is needed. SQLite lacks this built-in safety, so special precautions are required when using it. See and for detailed information on how SQLite stores data.
The purpose of the SQLite initialisation routine is to:
1. check and verify the integrity of existing files
2. create a temporary database file if none already exists
3. create tables and indices
4. insert a single row into the tbl_log table, with a serial autoincrementing number
5. close the temporary database file
6. delete the temporary database

What’s New In?

PyRx’s main function is to run virtual screening, ligand-based virtual screening and structure-based virtual screening on available databases and allows users to perform numerous docking analyses and perform molecular visualization. PyRx has been developed with the following key objectives:
* Providing docking analysis tools and visualizing results within a single application
* Supporting easy-to-use and intuitive user interface
* Supporting users from novice to expert in various steps of drug discovery
* Support multiple ligand databases and different docking methods
* Optimizing database on-the-fly for various studies such as virtual screening and screening on a virtual/in-silico compound library
* Focusing on user collaboration
Additional features of PyRx include:
* Collection of scripts that has been developed for automated molecular visualization using PyMOL
* Discovery of Autodock library of triplicate ligand databases
* A comprehensive structure-based drug discovery module that includes pharmacophore models, alignment tools, and visualization of the active site of the target receptor
* Support for running and analyzing virtual screening on multiple ligand databases and using multiple docking methods
* Support for analyzing virtual screening results on a virtual/in-silico compound library that include clustering and visualization in PyMOL
* All databases are fully searchable and can be replaced by user-defined databases
* It supports QSAR modules to create training sets for artificial intelligence applications
* Wrapped in a modern web-based web engine that can handle millions of users
* Support for reusable web browser plug-ins for better performance
* Supports single and multithreaded executors, thus enhancing scalability and speeding up the process by the execution of multiple jobs in parallel
* Supports multiple FTP servers and SMTP servers for fast delivery of files with attachments
* Support for centralized control panel for easy access to multiple instances of PyRx
* Support for advanced RESTful API to let third parties develop their own web services and applications based on PyRx
* Access to PyRx in all major operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux
* Support for re-distributing the PyRx source code through Git for the up-to-date development environment.
* Support for development in Python 3 (including Python 2.7.x)
* Support for Python 2.7.x
* Support for cross-platform deployment with all major web browsers
* PyRx is a web service and can be accessed through any

System Requirements For PyRx:

Microsoft Windows 7/8/10/XP (32-bit/64-bit)
Sleeping Dogs Xbox One™
PlayStation®4 computer with internal or external storage device
HP Pavilion desktop with HD display
Internet Connection
Software installation is required.
Download and install Steam® client.
Release date: May 19, 2015 (EU), May 21, 2015 (NA)
Developer: Republic of Gamers™/Hong Kong Stock Exchange Group Limited


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