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■ Contents

− Story

・ You are reborn into the Lands Between, the world which is the representation of your heart’s thoughts and desires. The world is split into a living world and a dead world, and you live as a Summoner in the Lands Between.

・ You live in the Lands Between, and control the fate of the dead world of this world. You undertake quests of your heart’s desires to beat back the darkness which has invaded the Lands Between, and to raise a new world.

− Experience

・ In order to accomplish this, you must combat, make friends, and grow your character. As the adventurer whose feet stride the Lands Between, you will be guided by grace, and encounter difficulties and threats as you progress.

・ Each day, you spend your time by fighting with monsters, making friends, and playing over 100 different types of minigames.

− Activities

・ Fight.

・ Explore.

・ Make friends.

・ Play.

・ Store.

・ Music & Video.

− Business

・ As you play the game, you can make money, and strengthen your hold on the world.

・ Partner with [Business] and become a Boss.

■ Other Features

・ 11 quests that transport your thoughts.

・ Challenge your opponent to a Duel! You can challenge three opponents, and if you defeat all three, you will receive their treasure.

・ Use your skills to build a house! You can make sure your house looks great and feels good to live in.


· Launched in Japan on April 19, 2017

· Developed by Gust Co., Ltd.

· 3D fantasy role-playing game, developed for mobile devices.


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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Play vs NPCs, PvP and Use the In-Game Marketplace for Character Customization
    1.In-Game Marketplace allows you to customize your character with the diverse Battle Dragons, Equip Items from the Battle Dragon Shop, and other cosmetics.
    2. Free Play allows you to battle against NPCs freely with a maximum character.
    3. PvP (Player vs Player) allows players to compete directly with each other.
    4. In-Game Marketplace allows you to exchange equipment for a variety of Battle Dragons.
    5. Character Customization allows you to create your character with various weapons and attacks for beginners.
  • Changes after the Beta Phase and List of Issues

    • Repairs
    • Various improvements
    • Awakening of monsters

    The details are as follows:

    Black Sword

    • • Repaired Black Sword

      Damage: Increased to 400 from 310, GAK cooldown to 6 from 5. Blood Orb of the Swarm now has a minimum functionality of -3, which is disabled at 200 damage.

      Evan started working as an independent artist for the first time ever to complete repairing the most damaged part.

    Elden Ring and DLC website

    Gold Armor Warfare and Skins

    • Gold Armor Warfare now has a maximum stamina boost effect of +10, to align with the degree of difficulty of the content, which has risen with patch 1.1.0
    • Other features are available upon purchase. Skins are sold separately and require payment before the purchase.

    The details are as follows:

    Bug Fixes

    • Tuning of the effects of items currently in the game. For example, the goal of the effect of the Royal First Isolation Blade has been raised to +4.
    • Fixes to issues when receiving one-handed weapon attacks from NPCs


      Elden Ring With Keygen Free X64 (2022)

      Game: Elden Ring (RPG)
      Developer: GungHo Online Entertainment
      Publisher: GungHo Online Entertainment
      Platform: PC, PlayStation®4, Xbox One

      Game Overview:

      The remote and unexplored realm known as the Lands Between has been plagued by monsters and demons for a long time, and now it is in a situation where it is difficult to move an army there. Many people in the kingdom of Denbreun have joined forces to protect this world and dwell in harmony, but a player named Emani Valdarl begins to help an unexpected ally who is no other than a monster that has been sealed away.

      Through the actions of “Emani”, the war between the brave and the weak begins to change. The player will fight alongside “Emani” and decide what path they will take, and their choices will determine whether they will become a friend or an enemy.

      Here are some important features of the game:

      1. A Variety of Gameplays with Interesting Strategies and Missions
      In the game, you will play as a support character that supports “Emani” in battles. Depending on what you play, you can strengthen “Emani” and then use them for battles to advance the story. “Emani” have four different powers: Support, Strength, Magic, and Courage. By combining different abilities and changing the party composition, you can create a variety of battle strategies. Depending on the situation and the enemy you will meet, you can combine abilities in various ways.

      Players will form the party of “E


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      Game Story Pre-Expectation

      You went to sleep in the small village of Vierand.

      You, who are sick of hearing of war and bloodshed.


      The Great War has started.

      A portal was opened and you were forced to transfer to the Elden Village.

      No one knows why the Great War started.

      Everyone was anxious, they can’t stand the tension.

      What was it? The word of peace?

      And why did the Elden Village appear from the portal?

      Will they attack us? – We must protect the village! – The Siblings will attack them – But the mysterious Elden Village was nowhere to be found.

      In such a situation, the force of fate takes control and a younger, former member of the High Priestess, will appear.

      Suicide or Genocide, there’s no going back.

      We don’t want any survivors.

      You decide what the future holds.

      CHAPTER 1

      In a place known as “The Lands Between,” which doesn’t exist in the current world but which is the home of Mana; an underground village where creatures such as goblins and orcs are found.

      In this underground village, history repeats itself.

      The high-level Priestess is the leader of the village.

      The lower-level Priestess is a younger sister of the upper Priestess.

      The young girl is a Priestess with the name of Tarnished.

      The leader of the village is Dierout.

      The leader of the village is not only a high-level and respected Priestess, but also a cruel girl named Nalia who is the other party.

      ◆The information about the Dead Woman

      Tarnished, who had no friends since her childhood, accepted this village as her home.

      Although she comes from a high-level Priestess family and is of an extremely attractive appearance, she’s different from others due to her exquisite grace, killing the orcs and goblins that attack the village.

      In fact, her brother used to call her the “girl that kills orcs and goblins” since she was little.

      As a high-level Priestess who was the head of the village, Dierout seems to like Tarnished.

      But to the point that it was said that


      What’s new:

      Online features may require account registration.
      I also confirm that I am 13 years of age or older and am happy to receive newsletters and up-to-date information about AAAH activities.
      I understand that my personal data will be processed in accordance with the privacy policy and the terms of service/reuse at .



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      5. Play.Q:

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    Game Supports

    • Play Asynchronously With Others!
    • Save/Load Data!
    • Play Multiplayer!
    • Use Auto Respawn
    • Hackable Physics!
    • Pretty Amazing Graphics!
    • In App Purchases To Unlock More Maps
    • Customize Your Sounds!

    Eden Ring Ratings:

    • 5.0
    • Android: 3.2+
    • iOS: 4+
    • Windows: XP/Vista/7/8: 5.5+
    • Linux: 5.0+
    • OSX: 5.1+
    • Steam: 5.2+
    • PS4: 5.7+
    • Xbox One: 5.6+
    • Playstion 4: 5.3+
    • ESP8266/ESP32: 5.0+
    • Telegram: 5.0+

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    System Requirements:

    Note: To experience the best performance, install the game using the recommended requirements.
    PC (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10)
    OS: Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
    Processor: Intel Core i3 2.5 GHz or AMD equivalent
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: Intel HD 4000 / AMD R9 270X or equivalent
    DirectX: Version 11
    Storage: 4 GB available space
    OS: Windows 10



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