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■ The Character You Get
The character you get is flexible in every sense. You can combine between more than two weapon sets, level up your skills, and customize your look from the choices offered.
■ Skill Development that Flow
Using the skills and equipment that you get as you get stronger, you can directly increase and refine your skill levels.
■ A Massive World, Full of Adventures
Become an adventurer in the vast world of the Lands Between.
■ Links to Other Stories
Do not worry, the story continues in the different worlds.
■ Utilize Intuition
Will you be able to be guided by instinct, your instinct for combat, for using magic, or for searching for treasure?
■ New Play Style Choices
Get up close and personal with the action. Use a bow, a crossbow, or a spear.
■ Stronger Enemies
Go on quests with higher status enemies. Earn powerful weapons and armor by defeating them.
■ Keep Challenging Yourself
You can set the game to easy mode for a relaxing start, but you can also choose to complete difficult tasks. Be sure to challenge yourself.
■ A New Balance of Power
You can obtain powerful weapons and armor by defeating stronger enemies. Equip your character with these to have more balance in battle.
■ Large Amounts of Items and Equipment
The amount of equipment available is large in the Lands Between.
■ Well-Illustrated Maps
The blue marks on the map indicate places you haven’t visited. Bring items or equipment from the starting point to these places.
■ Challenging Dungeon Designs
Become a true adventurer and access the dungeons. You can even enter complicated dungeons, the most dangerous ones.
■ New Fitting-Scene Demonstration
Demonstrate your movements on the scenery. You can see if your character is well balanced by the movements in-game.


■ Capability of 100 Area
You can freely move while exploring the Lands Between. You can freely roam around wherever you want, and the story will continue with you.
■ Diversified Story with More Than 15 Chapters
The story flows on as you progress through the game. You will experience powerful story developments through a varied story structure.
■ A Huge Range of Events and Quests
A wide range of events and quests are available as you go through the story. There is also an option to set the difficulty of quests, so that you can go


Features Key:

  • Fascinating Action and Strategy – A tense and exciting fantasy drama set in a dynamic and interactive world, where you will have to develop your fighting skills to battle against enemy attacks and eventually face the ultimate threat; the very existence of humanity.

  • Fantasy Actions – Energize and comfort your character’s body and soul with endless waves of attacks. With this cutting-edge action system called “Elden Ring,” you can freely control advanced abilities such as slashes, a powerful slash hit (for high-level users), and a variety of other powerful moves.

  • PvP – Use this to fight other players and eliminate them. The time for diplomacy is over. You can freely attack other players, and discover new unknown terrains or dungeons and profit from them.

  • Goblin City Map – A map of the Goblin City created in-house, featuring many noteworthy locations such as the Goblin City Gate, the Goblin Cloak Inn, and the Sandstorm Shrine.

  • Flexible Controls – Instead of the traditional button configurations, this game employs an action button (B) to access the menu screen, and gives the player direct control of their characters. Precise commands can be provided by the holding of the B button.

  • Log and Coin Store – Watch as your records and coins are reflected on your Player’s Map.

  • Saving System- For those who want to set up a game for a while, there is a Saving System in place for optimum convenience.

  • Elden Ring Stats and Achievements – Rewards and accomplishments accumulated by you throughout your playthrough, a record of this (to see the complete list of achievements, check Gaunt’s website), and a save icon will display on the Player’s Map. Achievement-related titles will also be provided.

  • Multiplayer – Not only will you fight with players online and even travel alongside them


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    (September 30, 2018)

    Game: Elden Ring

    Platform: Windows, iOS

    Release: Aug 7 2018

    Price: ¥14.99

    Wii U

    Gemeinschaftspiele: The metagame in Elden Ring is fast, varied, and intuitive; as you complete missions, your character develops and rises in stature.


    Comes with an “Advanced” difficulty that keeps you on your toes.

    Crafts are really cute.

    It’s clear that the goal of the game is to create a user-friendly experience that doesn’t feel so much like learning a difficult game as it is learning a complex play system that simply requires more practice.


    It’s a little confusing to figure out which of your buddies to ask to take you on a quest.

    Everyone’s legs look the same.


    There are several different varieties of tasks in the campaign. You have regular missions, in which you’ll start with one or two beginner monsters and earn rewards by slaying them. You’ll also have “Extreme” missions, where you start off with more powerful enemies.

    Extreme missions are also split into “Hard,” “Ultimate,” and “Monstrous,” depending on the difficulty. For example, in the game’s tutorial, you start with a tricky Dark Elf and earn rewards by fighting it. This Dark Elf is pretty easy to defeat, as it’s weak to Fire and has relatively short attack ranges. It also has the ability to use a special attack at the end of its turn, which can cause problems for you if you’re not prepared to deal with it.

    The “Extreme” missions are the most challenging and where you’ll find the most rewarding rewards, but you’ll also have to pay close attention to your strategy when you’re facing a fearsome monster or powerful enemy. For example, when fighting a Giant, if you do damage to it while its legs are still in the air, then it will be vulnerable to attack while its legs are stomping on the ground.

    NPCs in the game are really basic, with no facial expressions or any kind of dialogue.

    Eden Crafts:

    The combat system in the


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    ■ Setting
    FEATURE: A vast world that you can freely explore

    You can connect with other players anywhere in the world and participate in voice chat, text chat, or other communication methods that you prefer.• STRATEGY
    Even though you can enjoy the map freely, you will be separated from other players because battles are contested. You must consider your opponent and place your attention on the tactical maps with the tightest strategic balance.■ Participate in a VR Battleground
    A VR Battle begins once you leave the starting point. Along with a party of up to four players, you can join a battle and engage in teamwork in a virtual world. In the VR Battle, you can move about freely while destroying the opposing party with physical attacks and magical attacks. You also can select one of several costumes at the start of the battle.■ Battle Rewards
    You can receive items, bonuses, and experience points for defeating rivals in the VR Battle. ■ Distinct Battle Theme
    The World Fantasy RPG is set in the very center of the Lands Between between the two Worlds. The vast world is home to monsters, legendary creatures, and dangerous traps. To overcome such dangers, our heroes must be strong, and the courage and strength of our heroes will guide us on the way to become a Legendary Lord, sworn to the ELDEN RING.■ Join Us
    Official Website
    Supplementary Info
    Developer’s Youtube channel

    ■ Official Forums

    Game Basics

    ■ View the Character Selection Screen When the game is started, a character selection screen will appear. You can select from 8 classes. Your class determines what kind of characters you can create.

    ■ Create a Player Character
    You can create a player character with your preferred class.

    The Magic Arts are an important source of power in this world, and the magic users ( mages ) are fundamental character classes in this world.

    As your combat capability increases, you can increase the number of summon spells and spells that you can perform.

    In addition, magic


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