It is good to be conscious of your face and in today’s fast-paced life, it has become necessary somewhere.

It is good to be conscious of your face and in today’s fast-paced life, it has become necessary somewhere. The only difference is that some people think more about it and some people think comparatively less. Today I am sharing an accident of my life with you on makeup. You will be surprised to hear that as well as learn from him.

‘I had a best friend Sweta Mehra, she was very fond of makeup. She used to be so excited about makeup that in this affair, she also forgot what is right and wrong for her skin. Whether she is seen at any time, she was either seen experimenting with her face or something, or she used to buy some beauty products. But at first Sweta Mehra loved to do makeup, and then it became her habit, then need, and then madness. At last, his madness left him nowhere. That is, some makeup mistakes left such wrinkles, dullness, and dark spots on her face that she is feeling remorse to date. ‘The mistakes that Sweta Mehra made in his life, I want you not to do that.

Sleeping after putting on makeup is not a good idea

No matter how tired you are, you should never sleep with makeup. Because it is very dangerous for the skin. If you go to sleep with makeup, your skin is damaged a lot. Makeup can close skin pores. This causes Sebum glands to not breathe properly and causes acne. Avoid making this mistake.

Spend time in the spa

Girls who think like Sweta Mehra that it is very good to have a daily spa, it is not so. Rather, it loses the natural shine and flexibility of your skin. If you have a habit of taking spa daily or alternate days, then leave it early. Otherwise, it can cause damage to your skin.

Cleansing the pimples

You may also notice around you that many girls have a habit of bursting their pimples. They give you instant pleasure, but they cause further damage. By doing this, the bacteria and dirt of the pimples get into the pores of the skin. Due to which permanent marks are formed on the skin.


To look perfect, do not depend only on beauty products, but make your diet good. Because applying too much concealer or any face cream spoils the face. This causes skin aging as well as anti-aging.

Affordable lipstick

Lipstick is also responsible to some extent for losing the glow of the face. When you buy inexpensive lipstick in a bid to save money, it causes damage to your lips in many ways. By applying inexpensive lipstick, the lips turn black and crack. So always use only good brand lipstick.


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