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Spinwaves Incl Product Key Free

Spinwaves (linear) is a free, feature-rich and easy-to-use tool for evaluating the boundary conditions, calculating the dispersion curves, and generating and modifying waves with a swept-source oscilloscope.

The program supports dispersion and group velocity curves on arbitrary 2D and 1D curves, and it is very easy to export the results to an external program for further processing. The interface and output is carefully designed to be an excellent complement to, and a quick method of performing the calculations that are usually done in a spreadsheet. It has a simple and intuitive interface, works great from a command line, and provides all of the needed functionality for many science applications.


Have you ever wondered why the bulk of linear SpinWave calculations are done in spreadsheets?

1. Easily navigate 2D, 3D, and 1D dispersion curves by pressing a single key or by using a mouse
2. Quickly calculate group velocities and dispersion curves for arbitrary curves
3. Export data to Excel, MATLAB and other common formats
4. As well as the functions, “Spinwaves” has an extremely user-friendly interface, making it easy to start and operate
5. Support for many kinds of dispersion curves, including Fabry-Perot, periodic and step curves
6. Quickly calculate group velocity for any geometric shape or curve
7. Calculate all linear waves, including spin waves, bulk waves, surface waves, etc.
8. Supports short- and long-wavelength cases in one function
9. Demonstrate calculation of the group velocity on many kinds of curves
10. Easy calculation of group velocity.
11. Demonstrate this and other linear waves on any curve
12. Demonstrate calculation of the group velocity and plot dispersion curves on any curve
13. Demonstrate calculation of dispersion curves on sphere, cube, pyramid, etc.
14. Demonstrate calculation of the group velocity on different types of curves and types of perturbation
15. Calculate the parallel and transverse spin waves (and other waves, in general)
16. Demonstrate calculation of the group velocity on any curve
17. Demonstrate calculation of the dispersion curve of a 1D periodic structure with a given wavelength
18. Demonstrate the quick and easy calculation of the dispersion curve for any 1D periodic structure
19. Demonstrate calculation of the dispersion curve for a 2D

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Spinwaves is the easiest way to find the waves of sound that travel inside the spin waves (waves of magnetization) that occur in substances, such as ferromagnetic materials. You can find out:
– what’s inside the spin waves,
– the waves of the magnetic magnetization in a ferromagnetic material,
– how to calculate the energy in a spin wave, and
– where spin waves can be used for practical applications.
* easy-to-use graphics,
* inbuilt graphic viewer,
* easy to use interface,
* open-source (licensed under the GNU General Public License),
* runs on any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system,
* supports the file format of MagTek,
* calculates the expected and theoretical maxima and minima,
* includes an interactive test for the magnetic field,
* work with a text and an XML file,
* performs a regression test for the file format,
* exports data and pictures in various formats,
* works with both direction types (theta and phi),
* is easy to work with,
* can search and filter results,
* calculates the dispersion,
* includes a quick search,
* can transform existing text into XML and vice-versa,
* allows you to save and export the data and images,
* you can import data in the text format,
* the file doesn’t need to be saved in plain text format,
* accepts drop-down data with various functions,
* calculates the frequency and energy,
* calculates the wavelength and wave vector,
* supports both the positive and negative modes,
* calculates the spin waves of the magnetic field,
* works with both theta and phi directions,
* supports mixed states,
* calculates the expected frequency from the energy, and
* theoretical maximum and minimum values,
* the energy calculation uses the amplitude squared,
* supports the string functions,
* calculates the speed of sound,
* supports a max, min and a number of values,
* calculates the wavelength,
* calculates the frequency,
* calculates the energy,
* reads the frequencies from file,
* supports multiple strings,
* displays values of the magnetic field on the graphics,
* supports an XML file,
* supports strings with space characters, and
* stores the result as XML file.
Main Function

Spinwaves Crack+ Incl Product Key Free

Spinwaves is an easy-to-use software for calculating linear spin waves in bulk magnetic materials and layered systems.
The software allows you to perform numerical calculations by considering the simple case of a point dipole magnet.
The dipole moment of the magnet is oriented in the direction of wave propagation and the magnetization is described as the sum of two components: the longitudinal one and the transverse one.
The user can easily calculate the amplitude and the wavelength of the magnetization components by just dragging out the appropriate variables to the appropriate formulas.
Spinwaves application has been designed to be very easy-to-use and does not require any advanced knowledge to start using.

Applications examples

Calculate the wavelength of the longitudinal and transverse components of the magnetization of a single-domain particle in the presence of an external magnetic field.

Calculate the wavelength of the longitudinal and transverse components of the magnetization of a single-domain particle with an easy plane anisotropy and the incident wave normal to the easy plane.

Calculate the dispersion relation of the longitudinal and transverse components of the magnetization of a single-domain particle for a range of different magnetic field strengths.

Calculate the amplitude of the longitudinal and transverse components of the magnetization of a single-domain particle in the presence of an external magnetic field.

Direct calculation of the dimensionless dispersion parameter (D=omega/ks)

The dispersion parameter is an important parameter because it characterizes the linear characteristic of a given material.
In terms of the spin wave frequency (omega), this parameter is expressed as the product of the wave number (ks) and the Gilbert damping constant (alpha).
These two parameters are the most relevant for the future development and evolution of the materials.
An estimate of the Gilbert damping constant (alpha) is also needed to make the calculation of the frequency of spin waves.
Therefore, the application provides an estimate of the Gilbert damping constant based on the user-input magnetic field.

Overview of the calculations

The application provides the following parameters which can be easily modified by the user to perform the corresponding calculations:

Magnetic field

Magnetization in the direction of the external magnetic field

Magnetization in the direction perpendicular to the external magnetic field

Small magnetization

Irreversibility of the magnetization

Magnetic field intensity

What’s New in the Spinwaves?

Spinwaves is a powerful, Open Source Python 2.6 Application for calculating linear spin wave propagation. It is written in Python using PyQt4 for it’s graphical user interface. Using Spinwaves you can quickly run your simulations, automate your workflow or calculate for a specific property such as dispersion, group velocities and attenuation factor.
Spinwaves provides a GUI interface through which users can enter the calculation and view the results interactively.
Results can be plotted directly to a PNG image, which can be opened with your graphic package of choice for editing with line and polygon tools.
The result of the calculation can also be saved as a.csv file, which can then be imported to a spreadsheet.
The GUI can be easily modified, adding additional buttons and labels for any calculation.
Also, the output can be downloaded to a file.
Spinwaves adds a high level of intuitive interactivity to simple interface for performing linear spin wave calculations.

1. To use Spinwaves you need to have PyQt4 installed, and you must also have the PyQt package installed.
2. Spinwaves is not a closed source application.
3. The PyQt4 packages required by Spinwaves are included in the package.
4. The package contains the instruction manual, and examples of the code being used.
5. The installation package has been checked with VLC to ensure all the required files can be accessed and can all be removed.
6. You can use this application to run your calculations, add buttons and controls to change the parameters and view the results.
7. This package is written in the Python programming language, and makes use of the PyQt4 package.
8. The result of the calculation can be downloaded to a file.


Link to the installation package on the DUNE homepage

Spinwaves features:

– 2D and 3D graph output
– 5 graphical outputs
– 3 graphical representations
– Supports over 80 different waveforms
– Tables and graphs for viewing the results
– Redo and undo functions
– Automatic installation
– Redistributable files (Python 2.6, PyQt4)
– Options for controlling what parameters are displayed
– Options for viewing the results
– Can be modified to create new buttons and controls
– Customisable menus
– Export and Save to.csv

The heat of magnetization, often termed

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10
1GB RAM or above
20GB HDD or above
5GB free space
Mac OS X
Mac OS X 10.9 or later
Intel Mac or any compatible Mac with SSE3, SSE4, AVX
Notepad++ or any other software that can be used for multi-file search
Linux x64


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