TightVNC is here to assist you in any remote controlling job you might need getting done, with both server and client tools to make use of.
VNC refers to virtual network computing and usually helps you quickly and easily access the desktop of another computer in order to solve the problems that other users just cannot fix by themselves. It doesn’t always have to be an issue needing a repair, it can also be the perfect channel for interactive lessons and tutorials.
In the past, you would have to access a special PC that connected to the network and provided assistance for other computers. Nowadays, if a proper setup has already been made, you can connect to another PC from thousands of miles away using a VNC client.
TightVNC is such an application suite consisting of two interoperable components. The server side is to be installed on the computer that requires aid and the router (if connected through one) should be also configured to allow the computer to be discoverable from the outside through specific ports.
The second component, the client, can be rapidly run from any other PC and connected to the server just by entering the correct IP address and password. You can also run an additional tool such as No-IP DUC in order to make sure you always connect to that computer, in case its Internet connection does not provide it with a static IP address.
To sum it all up, TightVNC is a pretty nifty program that, although not recommended for novice users, does not take a long time to figure out and once you get the hang of it, you can add it to your arsenal of useful software that does the job it is intended to effortlessly.







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Server side:

The server is a application which is used to perform the necessary steps on the server to allow remote access to that system
The server is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux, however there are some slight differences between each platform
Client side:

The client is a program which is used to connect the client to the server
The client is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux, however there are some slight differences between each platform
– Active X control on Windows and Mac
– password protected
– resizeable fonts
– log
– VNC over a LAN
– VNC over the Internet
– no authentication
– all users
– 1 day trial of the software

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TightVNC is a Windows application that can be used as a program to help you remotely gain access to the desktop on a locked, and there’s a different procedure for that.
It uses port 5900 for connection and when the router is used then the port 5432 should be used. When it isn’t set up yet, the default is to be connected through the port 5900, it only changes to the other port when the router is used and configured.
The receiver, on the other hand, connects to the computer using port 5900, while the receiver should use port 5901.
The client and the receiver should be on the same computer, the server is to be run remotely and should be connected to the router and the receiver through port 5432.
The receiver does not require a username, and all you should do is enter the IP address and the port number.
This program is used to give quick access to the desktop of another computer that usually lacks its own monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
Start the application once, and the application will automatically start up. It will search for and locate computers running on the local network.
If you need to connect to a remote computer, simply enter the IP address, the port number and the password.
The router can be configured to accept inbound connections for port 5432.
You can change the port number of the connection from 5900 to a specific port.
What’s New
Version 7.0.4:
– Fixed VNC server names resolving to the host’s IP address
– Fixed “name not resolved” errors
– Fixed graphic quality issue when resizing VNC window
– Various other minor bug fixes
TightVNC Category:
Toolbars: 4
Tools: 55
Tasks: 54

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TightVNC [Mac/Win]

Access your Windows, Mac, and Linux computers remotely

Control them: right click, left click, drag, scroll

Free your time for more important tasks with hands-free access

Add up to 32 PCs at the same time

Access the Internet using the computer you’re accessing

Log in to websites and control them

Manage your network shares

View your shared files on the computer you’re accessing

Arrange your computer as you like

With a brief guide to make use of the program:

As soon as you open the program, the login screen appears and you will be asked to log in. This step may be somewhat repetitive and easy if you know the user details, but it is a must so that you don’t accidentally run the program on someone else’s computer.
After you have logged in, you will be placed in a window where you can see all the remote computers connected to your computer. You can double-click on them and access the individual computers if they are Windows PCs or run No-IP DUC on Macs.
You can control the remote computer with the mouse and move the mouse to left, right, up and down to perform certain operations. You can also scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the remote screen.
To make use of a resource or website, select it with the mouse and simply right-click or left-click to open it in a new window. You can drag the mouse to move the window.
In order to close a window, just click on it and you’re good to go.
You can also share your computer with the other users connected to your network. If you check the option, they will be able to access the shared folder and the resources on it.
If you ever feel like forgetting where you opened a particular window, you can save it on your computer or a remote computer by saving it. Simply right-click on the window and choose the option of ‘Save As…’.
In order to log out, just click on the ‘Logout’ button.
You can log in to your computer by entering the correct user details, website login details and password.
If you wish to change the IP address of your computer, simply go to ‘Settings’ and change it.
You can also set the ‘Password Tagging Policy’ and ‘Maximum Login Times’

What’s New In TightVNC?

TightVNC is the best free VNC solution for Windows clients. It requires a server, however, it can run as a server too. It is designed to be a solution to view the Windows desktop remotely, either in Windows (it supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista) or in Mac OS X.
There are two components. The VNC server side (free) and the VNC client side. The VNC client comes as a free and unsupported software. The VNC server side is commercial and has two components. The server is the actual server software and the router is an addition to this that can be used if the computer that is trying to connect to the server has a dedicated router, a dynamic IP or you do not want to connect from the Internet (especially if the device has a dynamic IP or you do not trust the connection).

Now we will go over the pros and cons of the program.
VNC server and client is very light weight
Windows built in VNC viewer does not work very well
No time table
Sometimes the VNC connection is very slow
There is no easy and quick way to set your IP address
It is very easy to lock yourself out from your computer.
Although, it is totally free to use, it does not come with any free training.
The router is very necessary and the price is not bad at all. I am sure you can find it a lot cheaper elsewhere.

Features of TightVNC:

View and control your Windows desktop from anywhere using a VNC client.
Installation of the server/client side is very easy. The server is free and does not have any security restrictions.
Windows 2000, XP and Vista support is available.
You can even use the server to view other Windows machines as well.
VNC has no time limit and works good as long as the computer has internet.
Router – Although it is already built in to Windows, it is not enabled by default. Many people experience problems with DNS and are not able to connect to the server due to an incorrect IP address, because their computer was not set up with a static IP address. It has a no time limit, for as long as the computer has an internet connection.

GetTightVNC is a VNC Client which allows you to connect to a VNC server and even control your Windows desktop from a remote computer. You can also access your files, chat and even watch other


System Requirements For TightVNC:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: Intel 1.5GHz
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 2600
Processor: Intel 2.0GHz
Memory: 2GB RAM
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