Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience in a woman’s life. But with it comes innumerable problems including stretch marks. When the uterus accommodates a fetus, the external skin gets highly stretched which gives rise to unwanted lines known as stretch marks. It is seen during pregnancy as well as post-partum

Post-pregnancy depression is very common these days. One of the most important parts of this depression is not loving your body any more. Stretch marks contribute typically well in that dislike.

But, with the advancement of technology, a lot of stretch mark creams have come up in the market which can substantially eliminate pregnancy stretch marks and help to get back the flawless pre-pregnancy skin.

Here is a list of the 10 best pregnancy stretch mark creams in the market that can help in removal of stretch marks.

#1. Mederma Stretch Marks Cream

Mederma Stretch Marks Cream

This is one of the most popular stretch mark removal formulations in the market. This cream-based stretch mark remedy is completely free of paraben. You can use this cream all throughout your pregnancy right from the second trimester. The usage can be well continued after delivery even during lactation. If you use it twice during this time, there will be a considerable reduction in the stretch marks. The active ingredients of this stretch mark cream include Cepalin, Centella and various other botanical extracts

#2. Bio-oil


In terms of customer reviews; this is probably the best pick. Bio-oil is an age-old and quite well-known product for stretch mark removal. Though not safe for use during pregnancy, it has an excellent track record to diminish stretch marks after delivery. The oil composition is essentially good to cure dehydrated and chapped skin. Regular massage can help restore the texture, and softness of the skin. The essential oils from rosemary, calendula and jojoba also help to treat marks of scars and even out the skin tone. This one is also the cheapest stretch mark removal formulation so great to go for your pocket

#3. Mom’s co Natural Stretch oil

Mom’s co Natural Stretch oil

An oil-based formulation that penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and helps to cure the stretch marks rapidly. Jojoba, rosehip and sea buckthorn oil extracts are the constituents of this oil. It deeply nourishes the skin. Itchiness is often a companion of stretched skin. The regular use of this oil is a breakthrough remedy for curing stretch marks. This oil targets new collagen formation and restoration of the lost elasticity

#4. Mamaearth Stretch Marks Cream

Mamaearth Stretch Marks Cream

Mamaearth is now ruling the market of natural skincare. due to its all-natural composition, it works really well to get along with skin problems with no visible side effects. This cream is enriched with shea butter and milk proteins. These help to synthesize new peptides in the skin and restore the normal skin constitution leading to the effective elimination of stretch marks

#5. Himalaya Stretch Marks Cream

Himalaya Stretch Marks Cream

In the world of skincare, Himalaya is indeed a well-known name and a trusted flagship. It is an incredibly effective stretch mark removal cream. It is literally stuffed with all-natural ingredients to produce the best results for ruling out stretch marks. The key ingredients are oil, butter and natural herbs. All these herbs are full of dryness removal and skin rejuvenation properties. It includes essential extracts from liquorice, wheat germ and almond oil.

#6. Inostretch Intensive Anti scar Care Cream

Inostretch Intensive Anti scar Care Cream

It aims at lightening the colour and reducing the intensity of stretch marks. The product is full of antioxidants and vitamin E. the formulation instigates the production of new collagen and connective tissue considerably reducing the stretch marks

#7. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stretch Removal Massage Cream

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stretch Removal Massage Cream

This is a completely safe, dermatologically tested paraben-free formula from the house from palmer. It contains argan oil and shea butter. Both of these are great to remove stretch marks. The cocoa butter and vitamin E inclusions prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Even if you have sensitive skin, you can choose this product as it is completely hypoallergic

#8. Pregnancy Scar And Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Pregnancy Scar And Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Mango essence and ingredients to repair your damaged stretch mark laden skin can be nicely treated by this cream. Use it on a regular basis to get optimum benefits. Massage the stretched skin in round motions to help the cream penetrate better

#9. Mommy knows Best Stretch Marks Vanishing Cream

Mommy knows Best Stretch Marks Vanishing Cream

The retinol free composition makes it well suited to use even during pregnancy. The essential use of vitamins to revitalize the skin and remove the dehydration is the best parts of this cream. Awesome formulations to help remove and prevent pregnancy stretch marks

#10. Botanic Tree Stretch Mark Cream

Botanic Tree Stretch Mark Cream

Completely organic and infused with the essence of avocado, shea butter and cocoa. Use it without any fear to eliminate your stretch marks. It is competent enough to cure stretch marks without using any chemicals.

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